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  • Masks of the Illuminati

    Masks of the Illuminati
    av Robert a. Wilson

    Häftad - 1990 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440503064

    This American underground classic is a rollicking cosmic mystery featuring Albert Einstein and James Joyce as the ultimate space/time detectives. One fateful evening in a suitably dark, beer-soaked Swiss rathskeller, a wild and obscure Irishman nam…

  • Homecoming

    av Belva Plain

    Pocket - 1998 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440225270

    With unerring insight and emotional power, Belva Plain, in her extraordinary novel, tells the story of a family divided and of the proud matriarch who takes a bold last stand to unite her warring children in what may be their last Homecoming. It is…

  • The Street Lawyer

    The Street Lawyer
    av John Grisham

    Pocket - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440245957

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - "Compelling . . . another timely tale from John Grisham."--Chicago Tribune Michael Brock is billing the hours, making the money, rushing relentlessly to the top of Drake & Sweeney, a giant D.C. law firm. One step away…

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic

    Confessions of a Shopaholic
    av Sophie Kinsella
    (1 recension)

    Pocket - 2003 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440241416

    Rebecca Bloomwood just hit rock bottom. But she's never looked better.... Becky Bloomwood has a fabulous flat in London's trendiest neighborhood, a troupe of glamorous socialite friends, and a closet brimming with the season's must-haves. The only t…

  • The Top 6000 Companies in Inner London

    The Top 6000 Companies in Inner London

    Pocket - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781912736249

    This study looks at all companies registered in Inner London and where their total assets are more than 100,000,000.The statutory Inner London boroughs are: Camden, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambe…

  • The Plague Tales

    The Plague Tales
    av Ann Benson

    Pocket - 1998 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440225102

    "Part historical novel, part futuristic adventure . . . chock full of curious lore and considerable suspense."--Entertainment Weekly It is history's most feared disease. It turned neighbor against neighbor, the civilized into the savage, and the liv…

  • The Affair

    The Affair

    Pocket - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781984821423

  • Wings

    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 1995 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440217510

    From a house on the edge of her family's dusty farmland airstrip near Chicago, the child Cassie O'Malley would sneak into the night to look at the planes sitting shimmering in the moonlight. Her World War I veteran father, Pat, wanted his son to be…

  • Ithaka: A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found

    Ithaka: A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found
    av Sarah Saffian

    Häftad - 1999 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780385334518

    The author shares her story of being found by her birth parents and the process of working through her very conflicted emotions to come to terms with the complexities of family relationships

  • Then Comes Seduction

    Then Comes Seduction
    av Mary Balogh

    Pocket - 2009 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440244233

    New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh sweeps us back in time to an age of scandal and glittering society--and brings to life an extraordinary family: the daring, passionate Huxtables. Katherine, the youngest sister--and society's most ravish…

  • Shadow of Betrayal: A Jonathan Quinn Novel

    Shadow of Betrayal: A Jonathan Quinn Novel
    av Brett Battles

    Pocket - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440243724

    Three jobs, no questions. That's the deal Jonathan Quinn--freelance operative and professional "cleaner"--has struck with his client at the Office. But his first assignment in rural Ireland unexpectedly results in four dead bodies to dispose of--and…

  • Tai-Pan

    av James Clavell

    Pocket - 1986 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440184621

  • Bittersweet

    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 2000 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440224846

    In Bittersweet, Danielle Steel has written a novel for our times, a story of choices and new beginnings. India Taylor lived in a world of manicured lawns and neatly maintained calendars: a merry-go-round of Little League, piano lessons, and Cape Cod…

  • Dargan's Desire

    Dargan's Desire
    av Wendy Young

    Pocket - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781450100014

  • H.R.H.

    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 2007 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440242048

    After four years of college in America, Princess Christianna is determined not to return to the stiff, formal lifestyle of her father's court and, hoping to make a difference in the world, persuades her father to allow her to volunteer for the Red C…

  • H.R.H.

    av Danielle Steel

    Häftad - 2008 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780385342537

    In a novel where ancient traditions conflict with reality and the pressures of modern life, a young European princess proves that simplicity, courage, and dignity win the day and forever alter her world. In blue jeans and a pullover, Princess Chris…

  • The Top UK Perfume and Toilet Preparations Manufacturers

    The Top UK Perfume and Toilet Preparations Manufacturers

    Pocket - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781912736287

  • The Partner

    The Partner
    av John Grisham

    Pocket - 1998 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440224761

    They hired him. They trusted him. Now they don't want justice--they want revenge....For four years, Patrick had often wondered how it would feel if they caught him.

  • Mississippi Raider

    Mississippi Raider
    av John Thomas Edson

    Pocket - 1996 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440222149

  • The Ring

    The Ring
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 1985 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440173922

    In Germany engulfed by war and hatred, thebeautiful wife of an influential banker fell in lovewith a German author. His Jewish heritage led themboth to death. The husband who survives her lives onto protect her memory, and their children. And therin…

  • Golf in the Kingdom

    Golf in the Kingdom
    av Michael Murphy

    Pocket - 1988 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440530923

  • The Blue Corn Murders

    The Blue Corn Murders
    av Nancy Pickard, Virginia Rich

    Pocket - 1999 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440217657

    Kernels of Truth.... When Eugenia Potter stumbles upon some ancient pottery shards on her ranch, she feels a profound connection with the past. And a deep desire to learn more about the relics. Now, she's heeding the call of her soul--by visiting an…

  • The Gates of Rome

    The Gates of Rome
    av Conn Iggulden

    Pocket - 2004 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440240945

    In the glorious and decadent city of Rome, Gaius and Marcus--one the privileged son of a senator and the other, a cunning bastard--grow up as friends and students of a powerful gladiator, forced to walk different paths as the empire plunges toward c…

  • Following Fake Man

    Following Fake Man
    av Barbara Ware Holmes, Sarah Hokanson

    Häftad - 2002 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440418559

  • Edge of Dawn

    Edge of Dawn
    av Lara Adrian

    Pocket - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780345532626

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this pulse-pounding and thrillingly sensual novel, Lara Adrian returns to the mesmerizing world of the Midnight Breed, following new characters into a dark future where an uneasy peace can unravel into war--and a great b…

  • Atlantis God

    Atlantis God
    av David Gibbins

    Pocket - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440245841

    Atlantis. The world's mightiest empire. Its secrets have been lost to the ocean's depths, but in this high-action race against the clock, marine archaeologist Jack Howard is about to find out that the gods of Atlantis live on--through a terrifying n…

  • Birdman

    av Mo Hayder

    Pocket - 2000 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440236160

    With the forensic acumen of Patricia Cornwell and the atmosphere of Lynda La Plante's Prime Suspect series, Birdman - already an international sensation prior to publication - introduces a troubled homicide detective battling the demons of his past…

  • Crossroads

    av Belva Plain

    Pocket - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440241256

    Cassie Wright never saw it coming. As the owner of thriving Wright Glassworks, Cassie's life was quiet, well-ordered . . . until a tragic accident forces her to take in a one-year-old child who has no one else to care for her. As the years pass, Cas…

  • Stealing Home

    Stealing Home
    av Tom Mendicino

    Pocket - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781516104956

  • Fantastic, Fabulous Creatures & Beasts, Vol. III

    Fantastic, Fabulous Creatures & Beasts, Vol. III
    av Melanie Dellas

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780983016335

  • Funeral Music

    Funeral Music
    av Morag Joss

    Pocket - 2005 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440242413

    To the ancient Romans, the healing waters of Bath belonged to the goddess Minerva. Today they belong to the gods of commerce, as tourists teem, shops prosper, and the incense of gourmet food rises to the English skies. Among the throng is Sara Selki…

  • The Top 6000 Companies in Wales

    The Top 6000 Companies in Wales

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781912736065

    This study looks at all companies registered in Wales and where their total assets are more than 850,000.The aim of this study is to provide an overview of the key movers and shakers in the Welsh corporate sector. Only key data has been isolated, pa…

  • The Messianic Legacy: Startling Evidence about Jesus Christ and a Secret Society Still Influential Today!

    The Messianic Legacy: Startling Evidence about Jesus Christ and a Secret Society Still Influential Today!
    av Michael Baigent

    Pocket - 1989 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440203193

    Holy Blood, Holy Grail rocked the very foundations of Christianity. Now four more years of research have uncovered shocking material -- and its earthshaking consequences. - What extraordinary meaning lies behind Jesus' title -- "King of the Jews"? -…

  • Can You Keep a Secret?

    Can You Keep a Secret?
    av Sophie Kinsella
    (1 recension)

    Pocket - 2005 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440241904

    Meet Emma Corrigan, a young woman with a huge heart, an irrepressible spirit, and a few little secrets: " Secrets from her boyfriend: "I've always thought Connor looks a bit like Ken. As in Barbie and Ken." Secrets from her mother: " I lost my virgi…

  • Against All Odds

    Against All Odds
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781101883938

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - The wise, moving novel from Danielle Steel, whose many bestselling tales have made her one of America's favorite authors Taking chances is part of life, but when you bet your future against the odds, it's a high-risk game…

  • Surviving Demon Island

    Surviving Demon Island
    av Jaci Burton

    Pocket - 2006 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440243359

  • Memory Zero

    Memory Zero
    av Keri Arthur

    Pocket - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440246589

    For Sam Ryan, life began at age fourteen. She has no memory of her parents or her childhood. In a decade of service with the State Police, Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searching for clues to her identity. But all mention of her famil…

  • Thurston House

    Thurston House
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 1986 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440185321

    Jeremiah Thurston built Thurston House, San Francisco's grandest mansion. When he found himself alone with his infant daughter, Sabrina, he was determined to bring her up to run the biggest mining business in California. Nothing would stop her from…

  • The Rainmaker

    The Rainmaker
    av John Grisham

    Pocket - 2011 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780345531933

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER It's summer in Memphis. The sweat is sticking to Rudy Baylor's shirt and creditors are nipping at his heels. Once he had aspirations of breezing through law school and punching his ticket to the good life. Now he doesn't…

  • Beauty

    av Brian D'Amato

    Pocket - 1993 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440212829

  • The Highlander's Touch

    The Highlander's Touch
    av Karen Marie Moning

    Pocket - 2007 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440244172

  • Season of Passion

    Season of Passion
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 1989 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440177043

    Kate is only eighteen when she meets Tom Harper, one of America's biggest pro-football stars.They share an idyllic and glamorous first love.But the bullet that suddenly ends Tom's career also ends their life together.A failed suicide attempt will le…

  • Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel

    Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel
    av Lee Child

    Pocket - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780804178754

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Jack Reacher returns in another fast-moving, action-packed, suspenseful book from Lee Child. You can leave the army, but the army doesn't leave you. Not always. Not completely, notes Jack Reacher--and sure enough, th…

  • UK Wholesalers of Soft Drinks

    UK Wholesalers of Soft Drinks

    Pocket - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781912736188

  • Paleo for Chocolate Lovers

    Paleo for Chocolate Lovers

    Pocket - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781803797625

    For breakfast and dessert, The Spunky Coconut has prepared delightful chocolate delicacies made with coconut and crushed nut flours. She also teaches you how to keep the honey and coconut sugar to a minimum in these nutrient-dense bake…

  • The Top 6000 Companies in Yorkshire and Humberside

    The Top 6000 Companies in Yorkshire and Humberside

    Pocket - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781912736195

    This study looks at all companies registered in Yorkshire and Humberside and where their total assets are more than 3,000,000.The region has a population of 5.5 million in 2017 with the UK being 66 million. There are seven cities in the region: Brad…

  • Irresistible Forces

    Irresistible Forces
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 2000 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440224860

    Danielle Steel's forty-seventh bestselling novel is very much about the tides of our times, changes and responsibilities in the workplace pull two people in different directions, sweeping them into new lives and changed worlds----. Irresistible Forc…

  • Fade Away

    Fade Away
    av Harlan Coben

    Pocket - 1996 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440222682

    The home was top-notch New Jersey suburban. The living room was Martha Stewart. The basement was Legos--and blood. For sports agent Myron Bolitar, the disappearance of a man he'd once competed against was bringing back memories--of the sport he and…

  • One Day at a Time

    One Day at a Time
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440243335

    Danielle Steel celebrates families of every stripe in her compelling novel--a tale of three very different couples who struggle and survive, love, laugh, and learn to take life . . . Coco Barrington was born into a legendary Hollywood family. Her m…

  • Night Thunder

    Night Thunder
    av Jill Gregory

    Pocket - 2004 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440237358

    Josy Warner has to get out of town--fast. A favor for a friend has plunged her into deadly danger--and sent the topflight fashion designer fleeing New York to a place where no one knows her name. The tiny Wyoming town of Thunder Creek may be more th…

  • No Greater Love

    No Greater Love
    av Danielle Steel

    Pocket - 1992 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780440213284

    It was the maiden voyage of the Titanic, the greatest ship ever built, and in one fatal, unforgettable night, the sea shattered the lives and future of an extraordinary family, the Winfields. Edwina Winfield, returning from her engagement trip to E…