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High School to Hell: Strap on Your Back-Pack Lock and Load Your Mind. Medic for Charlie Co. a Recon Unit 365 Day and a Wake Up in Hell (Vie
  • Bandtyp: Häftad
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Utgiven: 201812
  • Antal sidor: 42
  • Vikt i gram: 68
  • ISBN10:1981547061
  • ISBN13:9781981547067

High School to Hell: Strap on Your Back-Pack Lock and Load Your Mind. Medic for Charlie Co. a Recon Unit 365 Day and a Wake Up in Hell (Vie



Highschool to HELL Part 1A true story by: Ron (Doc) Sorrento 365 days and a wake.This is High school to Hell which takes place in the Central Highlands Viet Nam. (70-71)one month after graduated from Kenmore west High School, I received my draft noticeI reported to Ft Dix for eight weeks of basic training. after graduation I received orders to report for medical training at Ft Sam Houston TX. for ten weeks. After graduation I worked at Brooke Army Medical Center. I worked the emergency room, I also gave injections to the troops going over seas. Then I received my orders for RVN ( Republic of Viet Nam I wrote this book about some of the memories I stuffed way down deep in my mind; Due to not feeling very welcome in the country I fought for. When I returned home, I grew my hair long and wouldn't wear anything green or military attire. I suffered from a serious skin condition, night mares, and flashbacks. (PTSD) I'm 67 years old now. In the face of death, I found some true friendships and brotherhood. You will meet a true humble hero SSgt. Randy Cox. one of the most significant man in my life. And I met some real ass holes who disgraced the Army and mankind. Luckily there was just a few, two that stick out in my memory, are Lt. Doufas and SSgt. Dotson were bad news. there are A few of my rifle men that I'm still in contact with today. Sgt. Randy Cox. And Sgt. Mike Belis, These two of my platoon SSgt you will read of their Heroism you will meet them in pages that follow. Along with Gary Rabideau, Archie Molina and all my riflemen in the 22nd Infantry. These are but a few of the many missions, ambushes and patrols I was on. People today ask me why I challenge authority. In the pages that follow will give you some insight and a reason. Strap on your back pack, lock and load your mind for a tour of this combat medic along with Charlie Company in the bush of the Central Highland, South Viet Nam. NVA (North Vietnamese Army), VC (Viet Cong) were the enemy soldiers, all of whom used very crude booby traps and intricate tunnels to hide and ambush our soldiers. My name is Doc Sorrento I was 19 yrs. Old; attached to the 22nd infantry Charlie Co. we were a well-trained recon platoon. We moved swiftly and quietly through the roughest terrain; the temp was over 110 degrees F and the monsoon season was just starting, it rained for 5 months, it was like living in a sauna 24/7. Remember to keep a safe distance between you and the soldier in front of you 5-10 ft. is good. When the shooting starts grab some cover and return fire quickly. No time for panic just react and keep your head. My job started when someone got hit or got caught in a booby trap. When I heard medic that was my cue to do whatever was needed to keep my rifleman alive until the dust off arrive d safely. When the sun went down darkness was our best camouflage. I carried a flash light with a red lens. At night light was our worst enemy. If you want to light a cigarette you better cover yourself with a poncho before striking that match, cup the burning end in your hands that red glow makes you definite target to get your head blown off. My first mission was on the border of Viet Nam and Cambodia. We loaded up on choppers, we stayed close and flew at tree top level. I had no clue as to what was as waiting for us. As we approached our combat assault area we drew some fire from the ridge. We were hovering around eight feet above the ground, the door gunner was returning fire and yelling JUMP

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