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Rewire The "Other You" In Addiction: Escape The Noose Of Compulsive Behavior(How To Stop Addiction And Drinking Without Effort)
  • Bandtyp: Häftad
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Utgiven: 201810
  • Antal sidor: 102
  • Vikt i gram: 159
  • ISBN10:172686510X
  • ISBN13:9781726865104

Rewire The "Other You" In Addiction: Escape The Noose Of Compulsive Behavior(How To Stop Addiction And Drinking Without Effort)


You are NOT WIRED to fight your cravings for alcohol, substances, or an addictive action that GIVES YOU EMOTIONAL REWARDS. That is why AA and Rehab have such low success rates.

It is the hidden enemy of the "Other You" that locks you in alcoholism or addiction. You need to balance the "Other You" WITH YOUR HOME ENVIRONMENT. Simply make a few SMALL DAILY LIFESTYLE CHANGES, such as altering the subtle addiction odors and sound frequencies in your surroundings. This smashes your binge cycles and collapses your addiction apparatus. When you harmonize the "Other You", alcoholism/addiction falls away quickly, and effortlessly.

Stop fighting the symptoms - treat the CAUSE

It only takes a few days - No self-discipline or battling against your cravings is needed

Features Of This Program:

  • Discover the identity of the 2 you's and how each plays a role in your addiction
  • The reason why addiction is not your fault - It is the "Other You" with addiction
  • How you unwittingly built your addiction apparatus with the 2 you's
  • Find out who the "Watchers" really are and why you often become paranoid during binges
  • Learn 3 secrets that allow nature to cure your alcoholism or addiction smoothly for you
  • How to manipulate the push-pull factors of addiction - Block your cravings with ease
  • How to smash your binge cycles by changing the resonance and odors of the "Other You"
  • Use 21 minor household tweaks for a new "Other You" - Naturally break down your binge cycles
  • Discover how to harmoniously quit alcohol abuse and addiction by balancing the 2 you's
  • Learn 3 MINIMAL daily lifestyle modifications to free you from the mind trap of addiction
  • How a cheap drugstore gel INSTANTLY BLOCKS YOUR CRAVINGS - Exit addiction with ease
  • The secrets to ushering in a new higher state "Other You" free from addiction

Benefits Of This Program:

  • A simple, easy-to-apply, relaxed approach to stop cravings, halt drinking, and quit addiction
  • Written by former alcoholics and addicts who understand the TRUE DYNAMICS of addiction
  • This process treats alcoholism and all forms of addiction AS AN APPARATUS, not a disease
  • Exit addiction the same way you entered it - By having fun, without intention, harmoniously
  • Beats all conventional alcohol abuse and addiction recovery methods
  • Halt and recover from addiction alone - No need for self-help groups or other people
  • The FUN way to get rid of addiction Enjoy dismantling your addiction apparatus
  • Our approach is: You are NOT AN ADDICT, you are NOT BROKEN - You are simply fixated
  • Alter a few variables in your addiction algorithm to spring free from the mind trap
  • Works QUICKLY and effectively once you apply these principles to overcome your addiction
  • Not only recover from alcoholism or addiction - All areas of your life will overflow with success
  • This program gets to the point quickly, without waffle or unnecessary page fillers
  • NO self-discipline, no effort, no work required to cure alcohol abuse and addiction
  • NO need to tackle your addiction directly - Simply make some small daily lifestyle adjustments
  • NO need for constant affirmations that you are an alcoholic or addict to yourself or others
  • NO uphill battle, no fight, no self-control required against cravings - Nature does it all for you
  • NO religious leaning involved - Inclusive of all beliefs and non-beliefs
  • NO groveling for forgiveness to those whom you have wronged - Clean slate, a fresh start
  • NO force, no fear, no judgments to stop your addictive behavior

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