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Little Fish

What Are You Wearing Today?

av Janik Coat
Little Fish

Two tiny orange goby fish play beneath the waves. A giant shoal swims past the friends and sweeps one fish away... Beautifully illustrated by Emily Rand in spectacular neon col…

What Are You Wearing Today?

What are you wearing today? Spots or stripes? Snowsuit or swimsuit? Well, it depends! These pages are packed with interactive tabs that put children in the driving seat. A pop-…

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Guinness World Records: Daring Dogs av Cari MeisterBright in the Night av Lena SjoebergHow Do You Sleep? av Olivia CosneauPop-Up Volcano

Are You Hungry? Pop-Up Moon The Velveteen Rabbit Weird But True Human Body: 300 Outrageous Facts about Your Awesome Anatomy
Are You Hungry? av Janik CoatPop-Up Moon av Anne JankeliowitchThe Velveteen Rabbit av Margery WilliamsWeird But True Human Body: 300 Outrageo... av National Geographic Kids
  1. Look Inside Your Body av Louie Stowell
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  3. Triángulo = Triangle av Mac Barnett
  4. Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book av Andrew Williamson
  5. Peter Pan av Robert Sabuda
  6. Triangle av Mac Barnett
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  8. Moomin and the Windy Day av Tove Jansson
  9. This Is a Book of Shapes av Kenneth Kraegel
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