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After the Final Whistle

After the Final Whistle

av Stephen Cooper

*Shortlisted for the 2016 Cross Sports Book of the Year award*When Britain's empire went to war in August 1914, rugby players were the first to volunteer: they led from the fron…

Rugby Union Memorabilia

av Phil Atkinson

Strength and Conditioning for Rugby Union

av Joel Brannigan
Rugby Union Memorabilia

This is almost certainly the first book ever published on the collecting of Rugby Union memorabilia - the jerseys, caps, cups, programmes, prints, photographs, autographs, cards…

Strength and Conditioning for Rugby Union

Rugby Union as a sport has seen continual evolution over the years, and never more so than since the game officially became professional in 1995. While on the pitch tactics have…

  1. After the Final Whistle av Stephen Cooper
  2. Rugby Union Memorabilia av Phil Atkinson
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  5. Unholy Union av Mike Aylwin
  6. A Game for Hooligans av Huw Richards
  7. Behind the Lions av Stephen Jones