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av Nathan Yau

Calling Bullshit

av Jevin D. West Data Visualization Set

Visualize This is a guide on how to visualize and tellstories with data, providing practical design tips complementedwith step-by-step tutorials. It begins with a description of…

Calling Bullshit

Effective Data Storytelling Calling Bullshit Visual Analytics with Tableau Hands On With Google Data Studio
Effective Data Storytelling av Brent DykesCalling Bullshit av Jevin D. WestVisual Analytics with Tableau av Alexander LothHands On With Google Data Studio av Lee Hurst

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  2. Calling Bullshit av Jevin D. West
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  4. Calling Bullshit av Jevin D. West
  5. Knowledge Graphs av Mayank Kejriwal
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  10. DAX Patterns av Marco Russo