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Clean Architecture

av Robert Martin

Programmable Logic Controllers

av William Bolton
Clean Architecture

Building upon the success of best-sellers The Clean Coder and Clean Code, legendary software craftsman Robert C. "Uncle Bob" Martin shows how to bring greater professionalism an…

Programmable Logic Controllers

This textbook, now in its sixth edition, continues to be straightforward and easy-to-read, presenting the principles of PLCs while not tying itself to one manufacturer or anothe…

Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi The Designer's Guide to VHDL Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Parallel Computer Organization and Design
Learning Computer Architecture with Ras... av Eben UptonThe Designer's Guide to VHDL av Peter J. AshendenPatterns of Enterprise Application Arch... av Martin FowlerParallel Computer Organization and Desi... av Michel Dubois

Logic in Computer Science Assembly Language Step-by-Step IT Architecture For Dummies Multicore and GPU Programming
Logic in Computer Science av Michael HuthAssembly Language Step-by-Step av Jeff DuntemannIT Architecture For Dummies av Kalani Kirk HausmanMulticore and GPU Programming av Gerassimos Barlas