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av William J. Brown

IT Architecture For Dummies

av Kalani Kirk Hausman

"The AntiPatterns authors have clearly been there and done that when it comes to managing software development efforts. I resonated with one insight after another, having witnes…

IT Architecture For Dummies

A solid introduction to the practices, plans, and skills required for developing a smart system architectureInformation architecture combines IT skills with business skills in o…

Implementation Patterns Military Avionics Systems Business Analysis Agility Computer Organization and Design ARM Edition
Implementation Patterns av Kent BeckMilitary Avionics Systems av Ian MoirBusiness Analysis Agility av James RobertsonComputer Organization and Design ARM Ed... av David A. Patterson

Art of UNIX Programming, The Modern Systems Analysis and Design, Global Edition Continuous Integration Kokbok för systemförvaltare, version 3
Art of UNIX Programming, The av Eric RaymondModern Systems Analysis and Design, Glo... av Joseph S. ValacichContinuous Integration av Paul DuvallKokbok för systemförvaltare, version 3 av Stefan Samuelson