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Matematik för datavetare

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Discrete Mathematics for Computing

av Peter Grossman

The Mathematics of Signal Processing

av Steven B. Damelin
Discrete Mathematics for Computing

Discrete Mathematics for Computing presents the essential mathematics needed for the study of computing and information systems. The subject is covered in a gentle and informal…

The Mathematics of Signal Processing

Arising from courses taught by the authors, this largely self-contained treatment is ideal for mathematicians who are interested in applications or for students from applied fie…

Practical MATLAB Discrete-Event Simulation Handbook of Model Checking Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: Pearson New International Edition
Practical MATLAB av Irfan TurkDiscrete-Event Simulation av George S. FishmanHandbook of Model Checking Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics:... av Ralph Grimaldi

  1. R for Data Science av Garrett Wickham
  2. 2
  3. All of Statistics av Larry Wasserman
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  5. How to Create a Mind av Ray Kurzweil
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  7. The Algorithm Design Manual av Steven S. Skiena
  8. 8
  9. Graph Theory av Reinhard Diestel
  10. Proofs from THE BOOK av Martin Aigner