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Wireless Connectivity

av Petar Popovski

5G New Radio in Bullets

av Chris Johnson
Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity: An Intuitive and Fundamental GuideWireless connectivity has become an indispensable part, a commodity associated with the way we work and play. The latest…

5G New Radio in Bullets

This is the Black and White version of '5G New Radio in Bullets', printed as a paperback with 590 pages and dimensions of 21.6 x 27.9 cm. This book provides a comprehensive desc…

Fundamentals of Mobile Data Networks Cellular Internet of Things Fundamentals of Massive MIMO A Foundation in Digital Communication
Fundamentals of Mobile Data Networks av Guowang MiaoCellular Internet of Things av Olof LibergFundamentals of Massive MIMO av Thomas L. MarzettaA Foundation in Digital Communication av Amos Lapidoth

Dealing with Narcissistic Personality: Become the NARCISSIST'S NIGHTMARE, Unmasking Narcissism, Set Clear Boundaries, Recognize and Deal With NPD by E 5G System Design Hacking with Kali Linux iPhone Forensics
Dealing with Narcissistic Personality:... av Rachel Bancroft5G System Design av Wan LeiHacking with Kali Linux av Alex WagneriPhone Forensics av Jonathan Zdziarski