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Chemistry and Technology of Lime and Limestone

av Robert S. Boynton

Earth Materials

av Cornelis Klein
Chemistry and Technology of Lime and Limestone

Principles of Industrial Chemistry Chris A. Clausen III & Guy Mattson The first book specifically designed to help the academically trained chemist make the transition to the re…

Earth Materials

This concise, accessible, market-leading textbook brings together the wide-ranging fundamentals students need to understand rocks and minerals, and shows them how they relate to…

Groundwater Hydrology The Blue Planet Essential Soil Science Geochemistry
Groundwater Hydrology av David Keith ToddThe Blue Planet av Brian J. SkinnerEssential Soil Science av Mark AshmanGeochemistry av Francis Albarede

Introduction to Ore?Forming Processes The Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting Fractal River Basins Applied Concepts in Fractured Reservoirs
Introduction to Ore?Forming Processes av Laurence RobbThe Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulti... av Christopher H. ScholzFractal River Basins av Ignacio Rodriguez-IturbeApplied Concepts in Fractured Reservoirs av John C. Lorenz
  1. Earth av Stephen Marshak
  2. Underland av Robert Macfarlane
  3. Earth's Climate av William Ruddiman
  4. Earth Materials av Cornelis Klein
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  9. Gemstones of the World av Walter Schumann
  10. Growing a Revolution av David R. Montgomery