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Nonlinear Oscillations

av Dean T. Mook

Perturbation Methods

av Ali H. Nayfeh
Nonlinear Oscillations

A self-contained and thorough treatment of the vigorous research that has occurred in nonlinear mechanics since 1970. Begins with fundamental concepts and techniques of analysis…

Perturbation Methods

The Wiley Classics Library consists of selected books that have become recognized classics in their respective fields. With these new unabridged and inexpensive editions, Wiley …

Learning Scientific Programming with Python Mathematical Modeling in Continuum Mechanics Networks in Social Policy Problems Student Solution Manual for Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering Third Edition
Learning Scientific Programming with Py... av Christian HillMathematical Modeling in Continuum Mech... av Roger TemamNetworks in Social Policy Problems Student Solution Manual for Mathematica... av K. F. Riley

Mathematical Methods for Oscillations and Waves Complex Analysis Introduction to the Theory of Complex Systems Introduction to Effective Field Theory
Mathematical Methods for Oscillations a... av Joel FranklinComplex Analysis av Donald E. MarshallIntroduction to the Theory of Complex S... av Stefan ThurnerIntroduction to Effective Field Theory av C. P. Burgess
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  3. The World as I See it av Albert Einstein
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  5. The Shape of a Life av Shing-Tung Yau
  6. Bayesian Probability Theory av Wolfgang von der Linden
  7. Basic Concepts of String Theory av Ralph Blumenhagen
  8. Physics and Finance av Volker Ziemann
  9. The Little Book of String Theory av Steven S. Gubser
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