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The Nature of Computation

av Cristopher Moore

A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

av Michele Maggiore
The Nature of Computation

Computational complexity is one of the most beautiful fields of modern mathematics, and it is increasingly relevant to other sciences ranging from physics to biology. But this b…

A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

The importance and the beauty of modern quantum field theory resides in the power and variety of its methods and ideas, which find application in domains as different as particl…

Statistical Mechanics From Strange Simplicity to Complex Familiarity Advanced Statistical Mechanics Concepts in Thermal Physics
Statistical Mechanics av James SethnaFrom Strange Simplicity to Complex Fami... av Manfred EigenAdvanced Statistical Mechanics av Barry M McCoyConcepts in Thermal Physics av Stephen J. Blundell

Networks A First Course in String Theory Chi-Squared Data Analysis and Model Testing for Beginners Essential Statistical Physics
Networks av Mark NewmanA First Course in String Theory av Barton ZwiebachChi-Squared Data Analysis and Model Tes... av Carey WitkovEssential Statistical Physics av Malcolm P. Kennett
  1. Finn's Thermal Physics av Andrew Rex
  2. Networks av Mark Newman
  3. A First Course in String Theory av Barton Zwiebach
  4. An Introduction to Thermal Physics av Daniel V. Schroeder
  5. Concepts in Thermal Physics av Stephen J. Blundell
  6. Principles of Systems Science av George E. Mobus
  7. The Nature of Computation av Cristopher Moore
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