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Introduction to Special Relativity

av Wolfgang Rindler

What Makes Time Special?

av Craig Callender
Introduction to Special Relativity

This book is intended for undergraduates taking an introductory course on special relativity which is rather more conceptually and mathematically than experimentally orientated.…

What Makes Time Special?

As we navigate through life we instinctively model time as having a flowing present that divides a fixed past from open future. This model develops in childhood and is deeply sa…

The Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts The Order of Time Is Einstein Still Right? Spacetime and Geometry
The Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts av Bing ZhangThe Order of Time av Carlo RovelliIs Einstein Still Right? av Clifford M. WillSpacetime and Geometry av Sean M. Carroll

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Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles a... av Steven WeinbergModern General Relativity av Mike GuidryGravity from the Ground Up av Bernard SchutzGravity: A Very Short Introduction av Timothy Clifton
  1. The Order of Time av Carlo Rovelli
  2. Six Not-So-Easy Pieces av Matthew Sands
  3. About Time av Paul Davies
  4. 4
  5. Modern General Relativity av Mike Guidry
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  7. The Order of Time av Carlo Rovelli
  8. The Nature of Space and Time av Stephen Hawking
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  10. Spacetime and Geometry av Sean M. Carroll