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The Nature of Computation

av Cristopher Moore

Quantum Optics

av Mark Fox
The Nature of Computation

Computational complexity is one of the most beautiful fields of modern mathematics, and it is increasingly relevant to other sciences ranging from physics to biology. But this b…

Quantum Optics

Most previous texts on quantum optics have been written primarily for the graduate student market at PhD level and above. Quantum optics: an introduction aims to introduce a wid…

The Science and Technology of Undulators and Wigglers A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory Organic Electronics Soft Condensed Matter
The Science and Technology of Undulator... av James A. ClarkeA Modern Introduction to Quantum Field... av Michele MaggioreOrganic Electronics av Stephen R. ForrestSoft Condensed Matter av Richard A.L. Jones

Statistical Mechanics The Oxford Solid State Basics Quantum Phase Transitions From Strange Simplicity to Complex Familiarity
Statistical Mechanics av James SethnaThe Oxford Solid State Basics av Steven H. SimonQuantum Phase Transitions av Subir SachdevFrom Strange Simplicity to Complex Fami... av Manfred Eigen
  1. Electronic Structure av Richard M. Martin
  2. Soil Physics with Python av Marco Bittelli
  3. Solid State Physics av David W. Snoke
  4. 4
  5. An Introduction to Thermal Physics av Daniel V. Schroeder
  6. 6
  7. Atomic Physics av C.J. Foot
  8. 8
  9. The Nature of Computation av Cristopher Moore
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