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Introduction to the Representation Theory of Compact and Lo…

av Alain Robert

Undergraduate Commutative Algebra

av Miles Reid
Introduction to the Representation Theory of Compact and Locally Compact Groups

Because of their significance in physics and chemistry, representation of Lie groups has been an area of intensive study by physicists and chemists, as well as mathematicians. T…

Undergraduate Commutative Algebra

Commutative algebra is at the crossroads of algebra, number theory and algebraic geometry. This textbook is affordable and clearly illustrated, and is intended for advanced unde…

Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials Representation Theory Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations
Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials av I. G. MacdonaldRepresentation Theory av William FultonGeometric Control of Mechanical Systems av Francesco BulloQuantum Theory, Groups and Representati... av Peter Woit

Social and Economic Networks Morphogenesis Linear Algebraic Groups Oeuvres - Collected Papers I
Social and Economic Networks av Matthew O. JacksonMorphogenesis Linear Algebraic Groups av T.A. SpringerOeuvres - Collected Papers I av Jean-Pierre Serre
  1. 1
  2. Algebraic Groups av J. S. Milne
  3. 3
  4. Naive Lie Theory av John Stillwell
  5. 5
  6. Contemporary Abstract Algebra av Joseph A. Gallian
  7. Abstract Algebra av Gregory T. Lee
  8. A Course on Group Theory av John S. Rose
  9. Surviving Lockdown av David Cohen
  10. Basic Category Theory av Tom Leinster