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Numbers in Minutes

Numbers in Minutes

av Julia Collins

Why 60 seconds in a minute? Who invented zero? What exactly is pi? Why do mathematicians hunt prime numbers? And how can you get a number bigger than infinity? To find out, take…

How to Count to Infinity The Foundations of Mathematics One to Nine A Concise Introduction to Numerical Analysis
How to Count to Infinity av Marcus du SautoyThe Foundations of Mathematics av Ian StewartOne to Nine av Andrew HodgesA Concise Introduction to Numerical Ana... av A. C. Faul

  1. 1
  2. Finding Zero av Amir D Aczel
  3. Arithmetic av Paul Lockhart
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  6. Numbers in Minutes av Julia Collins
  7. 30-Second Numbers av Niamh Nic Daeid
  8. Hidden Order av John Holland
  9. Reckonings av Stephen Chrisomalis