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How to Prove It

av Daniel J. Velleman

Set Theory

av Daniel W. Cunningham
How to Prove It

Proofs play a central role in advanced mathematics and theoretical computer science, yet many students struggle the first time they take a course in which proofs play a signific…

Set Theory

Set theory is a rich and beautiful subject whose fundamental concepts permeate virtually every branch of mathematics. One could say that set theory is a unifying theory for math…

The Banach-Tarski Paradox Rings, Fields and Groups The Logic of Infinity An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
The Banach-Tarski Paradox av Grzegorz TomkowiczRings, Fields and Groups av Reg AllenbyThe Logic of Infinity av Barnaby SheppardAn Introduction to Mathematical Reasoni... av Peter J. Eccles

Handbook of Mathematical Induction The Universal Computer Amazing Pokemon Math: Cool Math Activity Book For Pokemon Go Fans Model Theory
Handbook of Mathematical Induction av David S. GundersonThe Universal Computer av Martin DavisAmazing Pokemon Math: Cool Math Activit... av Osie PublishingModel Theory av Chen Chung Chang
  1. Classical Descriptive Set Theory av Alexander Kechris
  2. An Invitation to Model Theory av Jonathan Kirby
  3. Naive Set Theory av Paul R. Halmos
  4. The Pea and the Sun av Leonard M. Wapner
  5. 5
  6. Classic Set Theory av D.C. Goldrei
  7. How to Prove It av Daniel J. Velleman
  8. Set Theory av Kenneth Kunen
  9. Fundamentals of Mathematics av Bernd S. W. Schroeder
  10. Roads to Infinity av John C. Stillwell