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Autonomy in International Contracts

av Peter Nygh

EU Customs Law

av Timothy Lyons
Autonomy in International Contracts

This book explores the source and extent of the right of parties to an international contract to make appropriate arrangements for the determination of their legal relationship,…

EU Customs Law

The third edition of EU Customs Law provides a fully updated treatment of legislation, new treaties and cases in the two courts of the EU especially but also in Member States.Th…

Principles of International Economic Law The World Trade Organization Nationell rätt och internationella köpavtal Principles of International Investment Law
Principles of International Economic Law av Matthias HerdegenThe World Trade Organization av Mitsuo MatsushitaNationell rätt och internationella köpa... av Lars GortonPrinciples of International Investment... av Rudolf Dolzer

Humans as a Service Carriage of Goods by Sea Transnational Commercial Law China's International Investment Strategy
Humans as a Service av Jeremias PrasslCarriage of Goods by Sea av John WilsonTransnational Commercial Law av Roy GoodeChina's International Investment Strate...