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Perception: A Very Short Introduction

av Brian Rogers

Essentials of Sensation and Perception

av George Mather
Perception: A Very Short Introduction

Perception is one of the oldest and most deeply investigated topics in the field of psychology, and it is also raises some profound philosophical questions. It is concerned with…

Essentials of Sensation and Perception

The study of sensation and perception looks at how we acquire, process, and interpret information about the outside world. By describing key ideas from first principles, this st…

The World of Perception Distraction The Mind's Eye Hallucinations and Illusions
The World of Perception av Maurice Merleau-PontyDistraction av Damon YoungThe Mind's Eye av Oliver SacksHallucinations and Illusions av Edmund Parish

  1. Sensation and Perception av E. Goldstein
  2. Living Sensationally av Winnie Dunn
  3. 3
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  5. The World of Perception av Maurice Merleau-Ponty
  6. The Psychology of Attention av Patrick Bourke
  7. Seeing and Looking av Geoffrey Underwood