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Personhood and Presence

av Ewan Kelly


av Stephen Pattison
Personhood and Presence

This is an accessible resource for students and practitioners to become aware of the significance of self-knowledge for the provision of sensitive spiritual and pastoral care. T…


In this book, first published in 2000, Stephen Pattison considers the nature of shame as it is discussed in the diverse discourses of literature, psychology, psychoanalysis, phi…

Cultivating Wholeness Your Battles Belong to the Lord I Do: How to Build a Great Marriage Flourishing in Ministry
Cultivating Wholeness av Margaret KornfeldYour Battles Belong to the Lord av Joyce MeyerI Do: How to Build a Great Marriage av Gaabor MihalecFlourishing in Ministry av Matt Bloom

Sacred Wounds Bruised and Wounded The Practice of Pastoral Care Psychology and Christianity
Sacred Wounds av Teresa B PasqualeBruised and Wounded av Ronald RolheiserThe Practice of Pastoral Care av Carrie DoehringPsychology and Christianity
  1. 1
  2. Gentle and Lowly av Dane C. Ortlund
  3. The Minister as Diagnostician av Paul W. Pruyser
  4. Shame and Grace av Lewis B Smedes
  5. Psychodynamic Therapy av Richard F Summers
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. Honest Dialogue av Bent Falk
  9. Bruised and Wounded av Ronald Rolheiser
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