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Birds in the Bronze Age

Birds in the Bronze Age

av Joakim Goldhahn

This book provides new insights into the relationship between humans and birds in Northern Europe during the Bronze Age. Joakim Goldhahn argues that birds had a central role in …

Paleozoology and Paleoenvironments

av J. Tyler Faith

Reinventing Sustainability

av Erika Guttmann-Bond
Paleozoology and Paleoenvironments

Paleozoology and Paleoenvironments outlines the reconstruction of ancient climates, floras, and habitats on the basis of animal fossil remains recovered from archaeological and …

Reinventing Sustainability

There have been many books written about what we can learn from the failures of the past, but I want to take a more optimistic view, focussing on what we have to learn from past…

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  2. To Speak For The Trees av Diana Beresford-Kroeger
  3. Bog Bodies av Melanie Giles
  4. The Great Transition av Bruce M. S. Campbell
  5. An Anthropology of Deep Time av Richard D. G. Irvine
  6. The Matter of History av Timothy J. LeCain
  7. Reinventing Sustainability av Erika Guttmann-Bond
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  9. Abundant Earth av Eileen Crist
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