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Napoleon in 100 Objects

av Gareth Glover

Battle for Paris 1815

av Dawson, Paul L
Napoleon in 100 Objects

For almost two decades, Napoleon Bonaparte was the most feared, and revered, man in Europe. At the height of his power, the land under his control stretched from the Baltic to t…

Battle for Paris 1815

On the morning of 3 July 1815, the French General R mi Joseph Isidore Exelmans, at the head of a brigade of dragoons, fired the last shots in the defence of Paris until the Fran…

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  2. Empire of Chance av Anders Engberg-Pedersen
  3. In Napoleon's Shadow av Jones, Proctor Patterson
  4. 4
  5. Les Italiens De L'empereur av André Jouineau
  6. Marengo av Crowdy, Terry
  7. The Battle of Znaim av John H Gill
  8. L'ArmeE De Napoleon III av Andre Jouineau
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  10. Napoleon's Peninsular War av Paul L Dawson