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Contemporary Britain

av John McCormick


av Sathnam Sanghera
Contemporary Britain

A new edition of a popular introduction to all aspects of life in Britain. This version reflects on the ongoing fallout from the global financial and eurozone crises; the May 20…


THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'This remarkable book shines the brightest of lights into some of the darkest and most misunderstood corners of our shared history' James O'Brien ___…

Women, Writing and Religion in England and Beyond, 650?1100 How to be a Victorian Difficult Women The Making of Europe
Women, Writing and Religion in England... av Diane WattHow to be a Victorian av Ruth GoodmanDifficult Women av Helen LewisThe Making of Europe av Robert Bartlett

Churchill Sex, Time and Place Inglorious Empire Sea Harrier Over The Falklands
Churchill av Andrew RobertsSex, Time and Place Inglorious Empire av Shashi TharoorSea Harrier Over The Falklands av Commander Sharkey Ward
  1. Contemporary Britain av John McCormick
  2. Lives of the Caesars av Suetonius
  3. Empireland av Sathnam Sanghera
  4. Agents of Influence av Aaron Edwards
  5. The Outer Hebrides av Mary MacLeod Rivett
  6. 6
  7. The Viking Diaspora av Judith Jesch
  8. Time's Witness av Rosemary Hill
  9. George VI av Sarah Bradford
  10. Unspeakable av Rachel Hope Cleves