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Analysing Learner Language

av Rod Ellis

English for Primary Teachers

av Mary Slattery
Analysing Learner Language

This book provides a clear and accessible introduction to the main methods of analysing samples of learner language. It examines the theoretical and research bases for the diffe…

English for Primary Teachers

The book aims to build teachers' confidence in their ability to use English effectively, at the same time as providing advice and techniques for primary English teachers. A free…

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6 paper Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features Doing Task-Based Teaching 500 Primary Classroom Activities
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Engl... Core Java, Volume II--Advanced Features av Cay HorstmannDoing Task-Based Teaching av Dave Willis500 Primary Classroom Activities av Carol Read

Digital Literacies HOW TO TEACH ENGLISH TECHNOLO                       585308 Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English New Headway: Pre-Intermediate: Student's Book
Digital Literacies av Nicola HocklyHOW TO TEACH ENGLISH TECHNOLO... av Gavin DudeneyOxford Business English Dictionary for... New Headway: Pre-Intermediate: Student'... av John Soars