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Wittgenstein?s Secret Diaries

av Dinda L. Gorlee

Philosophy of Language

av Dr Chris Daly
Wittgenstein?s Secret Diaries

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s works encompass a huge number of published philosophical manuscripts, notebooks, lectures, remarks, and responses, as well as his unpublished private…

Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Language is an accessible yet detailed introduction to the major issues and thinkers in the subject. Thematically structured, Philosophy of Language introduces the…

The Language Instinct The Morality of Knowledge in Conversation Speaking Our Minds Language, Mind and Body
The Language Instinct av Steven PinkerThe Morality of Knowledge in Conversati... Speaking Our Minds av Thom Scott-PhillipsLanguage, Mind and Body av John E. Joseph

The Attending Mind How Language Works Introducing Language Typology Essential Chomsky
The Attending Mind av Carolyn Dicey JenningsHow Language Works av David CrystalIntroducing Language Typology av Edith A. MoravcsikEssential Chomsky av Noam Chomsky