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Logic Pro X For Dummies

av Graham English

GarageBand For Dummies

av Bob LeVitus
Logic Pro X For Dummies

Spend less time learning and more time recordingLogic Pro X offers Mac users the tools and power they need to create recordings ready to share with the world. This book provides…

GarageBand For Dummies

Lay down some tracks-no garage required!GarageBand has become the default musical sketchpad for both well-known artists and hobbyists musicians who want a simple way to record, …

Liberation Through Hearing Musical Authorship from Schutz to Bach The Beatles Recording Reference Manual: Volume 4: The Beatles through Yellow Submarine (1968 - early 1969) The History of Music Production
Liberation Through Hearing av Richard RussellMusical Authorship from Schutz to Bach av Stephen RoseThe Beatles Recording Reference Manual:... av Jerry HammackThe History of Music Production av Richard James Burgess

Music Technology Mixing and Mastering in the Box Nas's Illmatic Sam Phillips
Music Technology av Julio d'EscrivanMixing and Mastering in the Box av Steve SavageNas's Illmatic av Matthew GasteierSam Phillips av Peter Guralnick