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Paw Patrol: Halloween Heroes

av Paw Patrol

Irish Ghost Stories

av David Stuart Davies
Paw Patrol: Halloween Heroes

3-6 årPAW Patrol are on their spookiest mission ever! Everyone is in fancy dress for Cap'n Turbot's Halloween Party on an old pirate ship when strange things start to happen... Can th…

Irish Ghost Stories

Blend the wild and fevered Irish imagination with a wonderful facility for recounting a dark, compelling tale, add a dash of the supernatural, and you have a potent brew of spin…

Christine Dragon's Halloween Peppa Pig: Peppa's Spooky Fun Sticker Book Room on the Broom
Christine av Stephen King3-6 årDragon's Halloween av Dav Pilkey3-6 årPeppa Pig: Peppa's Spooky Fun Sticker B... av Peppa PigRoom on the Broom av Julia Donaldson

  1. 1
  2. Samhain av Diana Rajchel
  3. Dragon's Halloween av Dav Pilkey
  4. 4
  5. Irish Ghost Stories av David Stuart Davies
  6. That's not my bat... av Fiona Watt
  7. Baby Group av Caroline Corcoran
  8. Christine av Stephen King