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Women Resisting Sexual Violence and the Egyptian Revolution

av Manal Hamzeh

Death on the Nile

av Agatha Christie
Women Resisting Sexual Violence and the Egyptian Revolution

Women were at the forefront of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, with the Arab Spring protests providing an unprecedented opportunity to make their voices heard. But these women …

Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie's most exotic murder mystery, reissued with a striking new cover to tie in with the highly anticipated film adaptation.

And Then There Were None The Fourth Ordeal Memoirs from the Women's Prison Walking the Nile
And Then There Were None av Agatha ChristieThe Fourth Ordeal av Victor J. WilliMemoirs from the Women's Prison av Nawal El SaadawiWalking the Nile av Levison Wood

Reluctant Reception Justine DK Eyewitness Egypt Lonely Planet Egypt
Reluctant Reception av Kelsey P. NormanJustine DK Eyewitness Egypt av DK EyewitnessLonely Planet Egypt av Lonely Planet
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  2. Serpent in the Sky av John Anthony West
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  4. Bread and Freedom av Mona El-Ghobashy
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  6. The Streets Are Talking to Me av Maria Frederika Malmstrom
  7. Death on the Nile av Agatha Christie
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  9. Lonely Planet Egypt av Lonely Planet
  10. Walking the Nile av Levison Wood