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Period Piece

Period Piece

av Gwen Raverat

This new edition celebrates the 65th anniversary of the publication of Period Piece, which has never been out of print. Period Piece is the classic memoir of a Cambridge childho…

Promotion-Winning Canaries

av Peter Rogers

Return To Akenfield

av Craig Taylor
Promotion-Winning Canaries

Promotion-Winning Canaries gives fans the opportunity to relive all the good times at Carrow Road as Norwich City progressed through the leagues. Detailing the post-war seasons …

Return To Akenfield

Ronald Blythe's 1969 book Akenfield - a moving portrait of English country life told in the voices of the farmers and villagers themselves - is a modern classic. In 2004, writer…

  1. Strange Tricks av Syd Moore
  2. Life in a Medieval Village av Frances Gies
  3. Depraved Heart av Patricia Cornwell
  4. Period Piece av Gwen Raverat
  5. The Sutton Hoo Story av Martin Carver
  6. The Sutton Hoo Helmet av Sonja Marzinzik
  7. Treasures from Sutton Hoo av Gareth Williams
  8. Return To Akenfield av Craig Taylor
  9. The Players av Darren O'Sullivan
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