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A Modern History of Hong Kong

av Steve Tsang

The Cambridge History of China: Volume 2, The Six Dynasties…

A Modern History of Hong Kong

This major history of Hong Kong tells the remarkable story of how a cluster of remote fishing villages grew into an icon of capitalism. The story began in 1842 with the founding…

The Cambridge History of China: Volume 2, The Six Dynasties, 220-589

The Six Dynasties Period (220-589 CE) is one of the most complex in Chinese history. Written by leading scholars from across the globe, the essays in this volume cover nearly ev…

Mao's Great Famine Heaven Has Eyes The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern China Socialist Imaginations
Mao's Great Famine av Frank DikoetterHeaven Has Eyes av Xiaoqun XuThe Oxford Illustrated History of Moder... Socialist Imaginations

China Since 1949 The Tragedy of Liberation Korea: A Very Short Introduction The Cultural Revolution: A People's History, 1962--1976
China Since 1949 av Linda BensonThe Tragedy of Liberation av Frank DikoetterKorea: A Very Short Introduction av Michael J. SethThe Cultural Revolution: A People's His... av Frank Dikötter