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  • Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community

    Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community
    av Andrew Marin

    Häftad - 2009 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780830836260

    When three of Andrew Marin's friends came out to him in the span of three months, he was confronted head-on with the question of how to reconcile his friends with his faith. Love Is an Orientation is the result of years of wrestling with this issue.…

  • Sister Saints

    Sister Saints
    av Colleen McDannell

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780190221317

    The specter of polygamy haunts Mormonism. More than a century after the practice was banned, it casts a long shadow that obscures people's perceptions of the lives of today's Latter-day Saint women. Many still see them as second-class citizens, oppr…

  • Stormproof Men

    Stormproof Men
    av Roger S Fankhauser

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780998138565

    We live in a sex-saturated culture. Yet the believer in Jesus also lives under the authority of God and His Word. Culture says, "Explore and enjoy your sexuality." The Bible says, "Flee sexual immorality." Can a believer experience sexual purity whe…

  • Hanging on to Hope

    Hanging on to Hope
    av Annette Newcomb

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781512735789

  • Transformation Through Brokenness

    Transformation Through Brokenness
    av Mary Sorrells

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781512724608

  • 30 Days of Hope for Hurting Marriages

    30 Days of Hope for Hurting Marriages
    av Randy Hemphill

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781625915078

    Have you come to the place where you hate your marriage? Maybe you even have feelings of disdain for your spouse? Regardless of how you feel, there is hope that you can not only survive a struggling marriage but your marriage can come out of this se…

  • The Face Behind The Veil

    The Face Behind The Veil
    av Donna Gehrke-White

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780806538785

    "Proud, defiant, brave, these are the Muslim women of America. Hear them roar " --Asma Gull Hasan, author of Why I Am a Muslim For years, the image of the Muslim woman in America has been as mysterious as the face behind the veil. Is she garbed in…

  • 14 Keys to Lasting Love: How to Have the Marriage You've Always Wanted

    14 Keys to Lasting Love: How to Have the Marriage You've Always Wanted
    av Kim Kimberling

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781546010067

    Discover the 14 secrets to a lasting and loving marriage. In this fresh, insightful marriage book, Dr. Kim talks directly to couples, showing you that marriage isn't just meant to make you happy but to make you holy. Over the years, through his mini…

  • Beyond Compatibility

    Beyond Compatibility
    av Terry Jackson

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781645593690

    Beyond Compatibility is a primer for engaged and married couples on the development of genuine love that will last a lifetime. It differs from many marriage books in that it moves past mere compatibility in pursuit of the biblical dynamics of enduri…

  • Rewriting Gender?

    Rewriting Gender?
    av David Martin

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781527101609

    The world today claims that your identity is entirely defined by you. As parents raising children in this world, how do we teach children the gospel and explain how it impacts gender identity? This book of letters written to the author's children fo…

  • Sacred Parenting

    Sacred Parenting
    av Gary Thomas

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780310341857

    Parenting is a school for spiritual formation, says author Gary Thomas, and our children are our teachers. The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children profoundly alters us forever...even when the journey is sometimes a roug…

  • Just Love

    Just Love
    av Margaret A. Farley

    Häftad - 2008 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780826429247

    This long-awaited book by one of American Christianity's foremost ethicists proposes a framework for sexual ethics whereby justice is the criterion for all loving, including love that is related to sexual activity and relationships.It begins with hi…

  • What a Girl Needs from Her Mom

    What a Girl Needs from Her Mom
    av Cheri Fuller

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780764212246

    Mystified by the situations girls face today?There's a good reason, Mom. Our girls are growing up in a completely different world than we did. But whether your daughter is very young or a teenager, you can equip yourself with the wisdom and practica…

  • God Touched Me

    God Touched Me
    av Richard S Phelps

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780938447306

    In the pages of "God Touched Me: A Life Radically Changed " I will share with you my background from childhood onward to the way I was living before the collapse. I will share about my childhood and teen years and the process I committed to and embr…

  • Die Rückkehr des Königs: Die Renaissance der Männlichkeit

    Die Rückkehr des Königs: Die Renaissance der Männlichkeit
    av Ton Van Der Kroon

    Häftad - 2018 - Tyska - ISBN: 9781720141884

    Dieses Buch beschreibt den Prozess der Initiation, ein Mann zu werden, in die dunklen Bereiche der Seele, der Verzweiflung und Einsamkeit vorzudringen, um wiedergeboren zu werden als der, der du wirklich bist: Ein Mann, der nicht von seinem Verstand…

  • Beyond Boundaries Participant's Guide

    Beyond Boundaries Participant's Guide
    av John Townsend

    Häftad - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780310684473

    In this six-session small group bible study (DVD/digital video sold separately), bestselling author Dr. John Townsend helps you discover a simple path to regain the intimacy and fulfilling closeness that every person needs. Difficult relationships c…

  • The Sacred Art of Marriage

    The Sacred Art of Marriage
    av David Robinson

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498233286

  • Moms Like Christ

    Moms Like Christ
    av Sarah L Bibler

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781973669821

    As a mom, you are super busy. You are pulled in different directions, wondering how you'll survive. Your kids are your life. You live and breathe for them. But have you truly invested in your children? Have you gone to the truth source to gain knowl…

  • And the Day Came

    And the Day Came
    av Lynnette Simm

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781512752151

    And the Day Came is one woman's story of overcoming abuse and abandonment through therapy and allowing God to take control of her life. When she was young girl Lynnette Simm was abandoned and abused. As an adult, she begins therapy to deal with her…

  • Einführung in die Ethik

    Einführung in die Ethik
    av Helmut Burkhardt

    Häftad - 2017 - Tyska - ISBN: 9783765595714

  • The Woman Priest

    The Woman Priest
    av Sylvain Marechal

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781772121230

    "My God! Pardon me if I have dared to make sacred things serve a profane love; but it is you who have put passion into our hearts; they are not crimes-I feel this in the purity of my intentions." -Agatha, writing to Zoe In pre-revolutionary Paris, a…

  • I'm Pregnant. . .Now What?

    I'm Pregnant. . .Now What?
    av Ruth Graham

    Häftad - 2004 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780800725204

    We have been where you are. Our book comes out of experience. This book has been written by people who know what you are confronting. If you are reading this, you are full of questions for which you have few if any, answers. People may be giving you…

  • Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

    Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World
    av Kristen Welch

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781496405296

    "But everyone else has it." "If you loved me, you'd get it for me " When you hear these comments from your kids, it can be tough not to cave. You love your children--don't you want them to be happy and to fit in? Kristen Welch knows firsthand it's n…

  • Tuck-Me-In Talks with Your Little Ones

    Tuck-Me-In Talks with Your Little Ones
    av Grace Fox

    Pocket - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780736956406

    Trade in a few of your bedtime stories for memory-making moments with this collection of fun conversation starters for kids ages three to eight. What's your job? Whether you're a parent, a grandparent, or a childcare provider, you'll love this valua…

  • Why I Hate Green Beans

    Why I Hate Green Beans
    av Lincee Ray

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780800728458

    If there is one thing Lincee Ray has learned over the years, it's that the majority of women on the planet struggle with insecurities. Our skinny jeans mock us. Our just-trying-to-help mothers are just driving us crazy. Our social media feeds taunt…

  • Homophobia in the Black Church

    Homophobia in the Black Church
    av Anthony Stanford

    Inbunden - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780313398681

    This book explains how faith, politics, and fear contribute to the homophobic mindset within the Black Church and the African American community.Homophobia in the Black Church: How Faith, Politics, and Fear Divide the Black Community explores the va…

  • Adopted for Life

    Adopted for Life
    av Russell Moore

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781433549212

    The doctrine of adoption--God's decision to adopt sinful men and women into his family--stands at the heart of Christianity. In light of this, Christians' efforts to adopt beautifully illustrate the truth of the gospel. In this popular-level and pra…

  • It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life

    It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life
    av Joan C. Webb

    Häftad - 2009 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780800726133

    "It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life" is a collection of daily reminders that God does not want women to live in a continually overwhelmed state. Instead, he wants them to live balanced lives and to enjoy their relationships with family, friends, and…

  • Paternidad Espiritual/ Spiritual Paternity

    Paternidad Espiritual/ Spiritual Paternity
    av Edwin Santiago

    Pocket - 2006 - Spanska - ISBN: 9780829745733

    The purpose of this book is to unite the heart of the pastor with church members through the revelation of Spiritual Fatherhood. This is a time when God is trying to unite us as a family. His desire is to establish His household under the authority…

  • What Does the Bible Teach about Lust?

    What Does the Bible Teach about Lust?
    av Gavin Peacock

    Inbunden - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781527104761

    Lust is a problem. A big problem. Our sexualised culture, promising freedom and pleasure, is creating a terrible cocktail of abuse, pain, despair, and suffering. The problem is not simply our actions, but our sinful desires. But there is hope. Chris…

  • The Perplexity of a Muslim Woman

    The Perplexity of a Muslim Woman
    av Olfa Youssef

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498541695

    Using the methodology of modern scholars in the fields of Arabic lexicography, linguistics, and psychoanalysis, Tunisian feminist scholar Olfa Youssef investigates the rulings about inheritance, marriage, and homosexuality in the Qur'anic text itsel…

  • Spiritual Java

    Spiritual Java
    av Pastor Bill Johnson

    Inbunden - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780768412666

  • Let Love Go Forward

    Let Love Go Forward
    av Terry Olsen

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781683147701

  • Scripture, Ethics, and the Possibility of Same-Sex Relationships

    Scripture, Ethics, and the Possibility of Same-Sex Relationships
    av Karen R. Keen

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780802876546

    "When it comes to same-sex relationships, there is one thing we cannot forget-people," says Karen Keen. In this cogent book Keen breaks through the current stalemate in the debate surrounding faith and sexual identity by presenting fresh evidence fr…

  • Refresh

    av Shona Murray

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781433555220

    "I feel so overwhelmed." Do you race from one thing to the next, unable to keep up with all the demands of your ever-growing to-do list? Are you overcommitted and overstretched, but don't know how to slow down when the world just says to speed up? I…

  • Is the Bible Good for Women?

    Is the Bible Good for Women?
    av Wendy Horger Alsup

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781601429001

    Is it possible to embrace the inherent dignity of womanhood while still cherishing the Bible? Many people, both inside and outside the church, are concerned that an orthodox understanding of the Bible is threatening and even harmful to women. After…

  • Who Is This Man? Study Guide

    Who Is This Man? Study Guide
    av John Ortberg

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780310824831

    In this five-session DVD-based small group bible study, Who Is This Man?, John Ortberg reveals how Jesus made an inescapable influence on our world and you will learn how you can make one too!Jesus is history's most familiar figure. His impact on th…

  • Love Talk Workbook for Men

    Love Talk Workbook for Men
    av Les Parrott

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780310359227

    We set off to crack the code for meaningful conversation . . . a plan that would move our communication from good to great. And we found it. A deep and simple plan for everything a loving conversation has to offer. We call it Love Talk. -Drs. Les an…

  • Ok, God, Let's Start from Here

    Ok, God, Let's Start from Here
    av Tricia Draper

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781644162569

    Have you ever wondered what God is saying to you? Do you have questions you would like answered? In this book, God answers such questions about how to trust, praise and listen to Him. God chose you specifically and wants you to have a deep personal…

  • Hope Workbook

    Hope Workbook
    av Women of Faith

    Häftad - 2004 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780785251835

    Got hope? This 6-week intensive Bible study will help you anchor your soul on our hope-Jesus. Each weekly study is divided into five daily lessons, and can be completed individually or in a group setting. The large format gives you plenty of room to…

  • Looking for Love with All the Wrong Husbands

    Looking for Love with All the Wrong Husbands
    av Tee Fuller

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781490884424

  • Looking for Love with All the Wrong Husbands

    Looking for Love with All the Wrong Husbands
    av Tee Fuller

    Inbunden - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781490884448

  • The J. R. Miller Marriage Primer, the Marriage Alter, Girls Faults and Ideals, Young Men Faults and Ideals, Secrets of Happy Home Life

    The J. R. Miller Marriage Primer, the Marriage Alter, Girls Faults and Ideals, Young Men Faults and Ideals, Secrets of Happy Home Life
    av Dr J R Miller

    Häftad - 2011 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781612032078

  • Redeemed

    av Rhonda Williams

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781512702408

  • Conservative Christianity, Gender Identity, and Religious Liberty

    Conservative Christianity, Gender Identity, and Religious Liberty
    av Dirk H. de Jong

    Inbunden - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9783030423926

    This book explores the intersection of conservative Christian values and contemporary theories and expressions of gender identity, i.e. transgender and genderqueer identities. More specifically, it examines the conflict between beliefs about religio…

  • Father Teach Me How To Love Again

    Father Teach Me How To Love Again
    av John Akeem Shomade

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781610364713

    Father Teach Me How to Love Again outlines the power of God's love in strong, biblical and practical ways that inspire readers to live a love-inspired life. The modern world is crowded with pressures that are causing an erosion of community spirit a…

  • More Perfect Union?

    More Perfect Union?
    av Alan Wilson

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780232531251

    In this important and timely book Alan Wilson argues that allowing gay people to marry is a moral purpose. Wilson says: `I asked myself "what does God want for gay people?". After re-revisiting the Bible, and more importantly getting to know gay peo…

  • Hope for the Prodigal

    Hope for the Prodigal
    av Jim Putman

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780801019081

    The statistics are sobering: between 80 and 90 percent of kids who have grown up in the church are leaving the church after age eighteen. Children slipping away into a culture that tells them the Bible isn't true, sin is no big deal, God isn't real,…

  • Promises Kept

    Promises Kept
    av Joseph Mark Hayden

    Häftad - 2002 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781403354143

  • Save the Butter Tubs!

    Save the Butter Tubs!
    av Brenda a Haire

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781640853461

    This book is for you if . . .You have tried and failedYou've ever asked yourself, "Do I even matter?"You've been discouraged in the pursuit of your dreamsYou've ever doubted God's plans for your lifeYou feel overwhelmed and over-scheduledYou're sear…

  • On Marriage and Family

    On Marriage and Family

    Inbunden - 2005 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780742542488

    Marriage as an institution faces many challenges today. This volume presents essential wisdom from the 2000 year-old Christian tradition that is as true and valuable today as it always was. The readings present positive resources for understanding t…