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  • Patton and His Pistols

    Patton and His Pistols
    av Perry Parke

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737609

    Intrigued by hints of "the bigger man" behind the war personality of Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., the Curator of History of the West Point Museum and a former "Army wife" studied and compared innumerable legends and stories about him. The resulting p…

  • Colt

    av James Mitchell

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736756

    Same Colt! The mere mention of his name brings to the minds of practically all who read, one thing only-guns. Their interest in guns may be active or passive, all according to their inclinations and temperament, but they all recognize what the name…

  • Out of the Darkness

    Out of the Darkness
    av Clyde Tombaugh

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736978

    An adventure in scientific discovery Pluto, the farthermost planet in the solar system, some 3,673 million mites from the Sun, was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh at the Lowell Observatory in 1930. The fiftieth anniversary of Pluto's discovery will be…

  • One Acre and Security

    One Acre and Security
    av Bradford Angier

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736961

    A passport to freedom that shows how to find fun, food, shelter, and income on land that may be within easy-driving distance of the city and suburbs. Why work a lifetime, asks Angier, to accumulate enough money to retire from the rat race during the…

  • The American Deer Hunter

    The American Deer Hunter
    av Francis E Sell

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737531

    The American Deer Hunter is the result of a great amount of experience in hunting with an extraordinary degree of success. The content represents the determination to set down the hard facts and the effective equipment and means for stalking and sho…

  • Greatest Fishing

    Greatest Fishing
    av Joe Brooks

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736824

    Joe Brooks takes the reader with him as he fishes the finest places in the world. His life is a series of major trips, followed by sterling accounts of the situations and incidents encountered Greatest Fishing not only divulges the location of super…

  • Articles of War

    Articles of War
    av Albert Castel

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736701

    The American Civil War is filled with fascinating characters. This collection of biographical essays on the "winners and losers" of the Civil War covers some of the most intriguing: Ulysses S. Grant, George B. McClellan, Sam Houston, Albert Sidney J…

  • The Lure and Lore of Trout Fishing

    The Lure and Lore of Trout Fishing
    av Alvin R, Jr Grove

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737029

  • War in the West

    War in the West
    av Daniel Vilfroy

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737623

    A vivid, eye-witness account of the fall of France and the how to "Total War."In War in the West Mr. Vilroy gives us the premier authoritatively revealing record-book born of the Second World War.A French staff officer, on and off the battlefield he…

  • In Enemy Hands

    In Enemy Hands
    av Claire Swedberg

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737586

    In early 1942, following a string of successes, the Japanese seized nearly 10,000 American soldiers, among them Pvt. Oscar Smith, on Manila Bay and marched them to a near-certain death through Bataan. A few days later they put Smith to work burying…

  • History of the U.S. Navy

    History of the U.S. Navy
    av Robert Love

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737470

    This is the exciting story of the American Navy and its important role in our nation's history from the Revolutionary War to the dawn of the New World Order. Presented in two volumes, Robert Love shows how the interplay of international affairs, for…

  • Home Book of Cooking Venison and Other Natural Meats

    Home Book of Cooking Venison and Other Natural Meats
    av Bradford Angier

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736855

    Once again "Mr. Outdoors" guides the way to really succulent eating after a successful hunt. Home Book of Cooking Venison and Other Natural Meats provides not only recipes for enjoyment straight from nature's banquet table, but also gives tips on th…

  • Unerring Fire

    Unerring Fire
    av Richard Fuchs

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736695

    What really happened at Fort Pillow on April 12, 1864?The Union called it a massacre.The Confederacy called it necessity.TheTennessee spring came early that year, "awakening regional plants as warmer air and mois soil nurtured new life. Across the l…

  • Davy Crockett's Riproarious Shemales and Sentimental Sisters

    Davy Crockett's Riproarious Shemales and Sentimental Sisters
    av Michael Lofaro

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737432

    The legendary feats of Davy Crockett, who could tree a ghost, ride his thirty-seven-foot-long alligator up Niagara Falls, and drink up the Mississippi River, are common knowledge to devotees of this nineteenth-century comic superhero. But what may c…

  • How to Live in the Woods on Pennies a Day

    How to Live in the Woods on Pennies a Day
    av Bradford Angier

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736862

    Bradford Angier did it, and now shows how anyone--even today--can find free or cheap land, build a home, find food, preserve it, keep warm, find employment, and even get a mail-order education out where the land is beautiful, game and fish abound, a…

  • Hunting Big Game

    Hunting Big Game
    av Townsend Whelen

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737524

    Here are the most exciting big game hunting yarns ever written about Africa and Asia. Ten superb stories on hunting lions, elephants, tigers, buffaloes, leopards and sheep, with chapters on big game rifles, equipment and knives. The authors are Selo…

  • Mars 1999

    Mars 1999
    av Brian O'Leary

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736923

    Almost thirty years after the first human landing on the Moon, the United States and the U.S.S.R. launch separate spacecraft that fly alongside one another toward Mars. Each spacecraft serves as an emergency backup for the other and provides the opp…

  • On Your Own in the Wilderness

    On Your Own in the Wilderness
    av Bradford Angier

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736954

    What Thoreau proved a century ago about returning to nature will still work today. There is an inexpressible thrill in the intimate study of primitive country, the workshop of nature, the appreciation of wilderness technique. Unspoiled regions posse…

  • Legend into History and Did Custer Disobey Orders at the Battle of the Little Big Horn

    Legend into History and Did Custer Disobey Orders at the Battle of the Little Big Horn
    av Charles Kuhlman

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737371

    "If we wish to understand why Custer, Reno, Benteen, or any of the troop commanders did what they did, we must, in imagination, ride at their elbows and try to see what they saw at any given time and place, the nature of the terrain, what they knew…

  • Circle of Fire

    Circle of Fire
    av John McDermott

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737425

    The year 1865 was bloody on the Plains as various Indian tribes, including the Southern Cheyenne and the Southern Sioux, joined with their northern relatives to wage war on the white man. They sought revenge for the 1864 massacre at Sand Creek, when…

  • Project Space Station

    Project Space Station
    av Brian O'Leary

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736985

    It's happening now-plans are being formulated under the coordination of NASA to launch a permanent, manned space station by the year 1990. Studies surveying user requirements, system attributes, and architectural options have been conducted, and you…

  • Dear Harry

    Dear Harry
    av D. Giangreco

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736787

    Americans are not particularly shy about letting politicians know what's on their minds, and, in Harry Truman, they believed that they had a president they could level with. He even sometimes responded personally to them-especially on subjects he fe…

  • World'S First Spaceship Shuttle

    World'S First Spaceship Shuttle
    av Robert Powers

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737142

    Join the crew of space shuttle Enterprise as they prepare to take the first step into the twenty-first century. Step aboard the world's first reusable space vehicle with science writer Robert M. Powers for a cockpit view of a launch, orbit, re-entry…

  • The Retriever Game

    The Retriever Game
    av Professor Boyd Gibbons

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737043

    Well before dawn on a mid-November morning, a caravan of customized pick-up trucks begins filing out of Duncan, Oklahoma. At that dark hour they appear to be nothing more than campers, but they are dog trucks. On straw and cedar shavings inside thes…

  • Just Fishing Talk

    Just Fishing Talk
    av Gifford Pinchot

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736886

    The catching of fish, said the Sage of Chocoloskee, is but an incident in fishing. He told the frozen truth. To be out in the open where fish are; to watch them at their great business of living; to see them in the water or out of the water; to fish…

  • Feathers Preferred

    Feathers Preferred
    av W Austin Peters

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737494

    This is the story of a pioneer Canadian sportsman who sat on the crest of a wooded hill one autumn day and did some serious thinking. For nearly have a century he had spent all his spare time in the woods and on the waters and had seen many changes.…

  • Lincoln'S Spymaster

    Lincoln'S Spymaster
    av David Milton

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736909

    The Civil War conjures images of blood-soaked battlefields in the United States. Few are aware of the equally important diplomatic and intelligence contest that raged between the North and South in Europe. While the Confederacy quickly sought the ap…

  • Introduction to Rock and Mountain Climbing

    Introduction to Rock and Mountain Climbing
    av Ruth Mendenhall

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737548

    For those who would like to climb mountains, and for those who merely like to contemplate the possibility, Ruth and John Mendenhall have written as entertaining and completely instructive a book as have ever been tucked into a rucksack. Since ascend…

  • Advanced Fly Fishing

    Advanced Fly Fishing
    av Eugene F Burns

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736671

  • Marne

    av Georges Blond

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737036

    One of the decisive battles of the 20th century began on August 29, 1914 with the cry that echoed throughout France: "The Prussians are coming!" It ended on September 10th, that same year. Earlier, more than a million German troops-five massive armi…

  • Forty Years of American Life

    Forty Years of American Life
    av Thomas Nichols

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737456

    This autobiographical history of America spans the forty years before the Civil War. America was a different country before the war, which seemed to take over the nation wholly, even after it was finished. It is difficult to imagine the time before…

  • Space Station Friendship

    Space Station Friendship
    av Dick Lattimer

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736992

    The year is 2007, the fiftieth anniversary of the Space Age. Space shuttle Discovery is about o dock at the first permanent U. S. space station, which author Dick Lattimer called Friendship. In all but name, the space station depicted in these pages…

  • Dear Young Friend

    Dear Young Friend
    av Stanley Weintraub

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737449

    Just a few of the words of presidential wisdom found in Dear Young Friend:"I rejoice that you have learnt to write,...for as this is done with a goosequill, you know the value of a goose." -Thomas Jefferson, to his granddaughter, Cornelia Randolph"A…

  • Operation Just Cause: Panama, December 1989: A Soldier's Eyewitness Account

    Operation Just Cause: Panama, December 1989: A Soldier's Eyewitness Account
    av Clarence E. Briggs

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811725200

  • Gone Fishin'

    Gone Fishin'
    av Charles Elliott

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736817

    Master story teller Charlie Elliott says it perfectly in this book for all fishermen: "Whether you are a fresh water Walton or the owner of a yacht, plowing the depths beyond the sight of land for a long-billed monster of the sea, you are seeking ou…

  • Inside the Army of the Potomac

    Inside the Army of the Potomac
    av J. Acken

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736879

    At the outbreak of war, twenty-year-old Francis Adams Donaldson enlisted in the 1st California Regiment (later known as the 71st Pennsylvania Volunteers) of the famous Philadelphia Brigade of the II Corps, Army of the Potomac. He fought at Ball's Bl…

  • Point!

    av Horace J Lytle

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736657

    In "Point!" the author has produced something considerably more than merely another book on the hunting of upland feathered game, and the canines that so gloriously help to make rays afield all that they can be. It even classifies, we believe, as a…

  • New Earths

    New Earths
    av James E Oberg

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736947

    Planetary Engineering - definition - The artificial alteration of the physical, biological, and energy environment of a planet or moon with the ultimate goal of making it habitable for Earth life forms. Yesterday's dreams... Follow the history of pl…

  • Peninsula Campaign 1862

    Peninsula Campaign 1862
    av Joseph Cullen

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737296

    Here is the detailed story of -The first serious attempt to capture Richmond-The struggle that marked the emergence of Robert E. Lee-The rise and fall of the North's great hope, General George B. McClellanIn this first book on the subject in 50 year…

  • Bear!

    av Clyde Ormond

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736718

    Bear! Is a fascinating volume which will grip the interest and fire the imagination of both the seasoned outdoorsman and the one who must enjoy the thrills of big-game hunting from his arm-chair reading. The true, breath-taking field encounters betw…

  • History of the U.S. Navy

    History of the U.S. Navy
    av Robert Love

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737487

    This sweeping recasting of American naval history is a bold departure from the conventional "sea power" approach. Volume Two of History of the U.S. Navy shows how the Navy in World War II helped to upset the traditional balance in Europe and Asia. D…

  • Living Off the Country

    Living Off the Country
    av Bradford Angier

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736916

    Living off the Country changes the risk of moving around in the outdoors into trouble-free times...offering take-along tips for finding free appetite fillers, thirst quenchers, weapons and warmth in all kinds of situations. In a clear and understand…

  • Toward Distant Suns

    Toward Distant Suns
    av T. Heppenheimer

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737050

    The prospectus of humans living, working, and establishing communities in space can no longer be dismissed as the romantic notions of science fiction writers and space buffs. With the launch of the space shuttle human kind will enter a new era in sp…

  • Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone
    av John Bakeless

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736770

    When the Atlantic seaboard was winning its Revolution against England, and the new West, undecided which camp to join, hung back, one mane stood out among the scattered handful of pioneers who were opening the great road to the plains......a stirrin…

  • Kill-Cavalry

    av Samuel Martin

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736893

    This is a biography of an antihero, Samuel Martin writes in his prologue. Hugh Judson Kilpatrick was one of the most notorious scoundrels in the Union army. He lied, thieved, and whored his way through the Civil War, yet managed to attain the stars…

  • Shower of Stars

    Shower of Stars
    av John Pullen

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736664

    Since 1941 the Medal of Honor has been more often awarded to dead than to living men. Of all the medals issues by the United States Government, this singular medal has had a particularly solemn glory attached to its meaning. But a look at its histor…

  • Axis Grand Strategy

    Axis Grand Strategy
    av Ladislas Farago

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737616

    This startling book reveals the military and political plans of the Axis in the very words of its own generals and admirals. The advent of Adolf Hitler has Germany's supreme leader marked the inauguration of the deliberate plans for world domination…

  • Heart Shots

    Heart Shots
    av Mary Zeiss Stange

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811737517

    "A heart shot is what every big game hunter hopes for," Editor Mary Zeiss Stange explains in the introduction to Heart Shots, "that perfect shot placement, whether of bullet or arrow, which ensures a quick, humane kill. A heart shot is also what the…

  • Mission to Mars

    Mission to Mars
    av James E Oberg

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736930

  • Chasing Villa

    Chasing Villa
    av Frank Tompkins

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780811736732

    On March 9, 1916 the border town of Columbus, New Mexico was attacked by forces under the command of the Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa. Eighteen Americans were killed and a number of buildings were burned to the ground before the U.S. Cavalry,…