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  • Under the Starfruit Tree
    231 kr

    Under the Starfruit Tree

    Häftad - 1989 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824815530
    Bevaka Tillfälligt slut

    The culture of Vietnam is rich in diversity: its folk literature reflects, shapes, and transmits that culture. This collection of stories contributes to our understanding of the traditions, values, and human qualities of the Vietnamese peoples.

  • Sand to Sea
    281 kr

    Sand to Sea
    av Stephanie Feeney

    Inbunden - 1989 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824811808
    Bevaka Tillfälligt slut

    Photographs and text introduce the animal and plant life found on beaches, in tide pools, on reefs, and in shallow and deep ocean waters of Hawaii.

  • Beaches of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau
    281 kr

    Beaches of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau
    av John R. K. Clark

    Häftad - 1990 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824812607
    Bevaka Tillfälligt slut

    Kaua'i has more sand beaches per mile of shoreline than any other island in Hawai'i. Its spectacular shoreline ranges from cliffs of bird sanctuaries to a fishpond in a volcanic crater to the traditional swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and beachcombi…

  • Tide and Current
    440 kr

    Tide and Current
    av Carol Araki Wyban

    Inbunden - 1992 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824813963
    Lägg i kundvagn Skickas från oss inom 5-7 vardagar

    Tide and Current chronicles 10 years in the life of author and artist Carol Araki Wyban, during which she lived with, learned about, and came to love the fishponds of Hawaii. In lyric prose and art, the book captures the essence of the timeless ecol…

  • Hawaii is a Rainbow
    281 kr

    Hawaii is a Rainbow
    av Stephanie Feeney

    Inbunden - 1986 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824810078
    Bevaka Tillfälligt slut

    The author uses colors of the rainbow--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple--as a way to organize pictures of some of the people, places, plants, and animals of Hawaii. Hawaii is a Rainbow has been created to help children learn about colors…

  • An Ocean in Mind
    292 kr

    An Ocean in Mind
    av Will Kyselka

    Häftad - 1987 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824811129
    Lägg i kundvagn Skickas från oss inom 5-7 vardagar

    An Ocean in Mind poses a number of provocative questions about the ways in which the human mind acquires, utilizes, and transmits different forms of knowledge. Author Will Kyselka has woven an exploration of this theme around the story of the Hokule…

  • Beaches of the Big Island
    208 kr

    Beaches of the Big Island
    av John R. K. Clark

    Häftad - 1986 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824809768
    Lägg i kundvagn Skickas från oss inom 5-7 vardagar

    The Big Island, world famous for its active volcanoes and coral gardens, has many wonderful beaches. In fact its shoreline is as diverse and dynamic as the rest of this massive island and includes more than 100 black, green, and white sand beaches.T…

  • On the Na Pali Coast
    281 kr

    On the Na Pali Coast
    av Kathy Valier

    Pocket - 1988 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824811549
    Lägg i kundvagn Skickas från oss inom 2-5 vardagar

    Outdoors adventurers interested in natural beauty will make this book a must for any anticipated visit to the island of Kauai. Valier's descriptions of park routes, natural wonders, and trails are supplemented by maps pinpointing each point of inter…

  • To Find the Way
    259 kr

    To Find the Way
    av Susan Nunes

    Inbunden - 1992 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780824813765
    Bevaka Tillfälligt slut

    Using his knowledge of the sea and stars, Vahi-roa the navigator guides a group of Tahitians aboard a great canoe to the unknown islands of Hawaii.