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  • Freestyle Embroidery on Wool

    Freestyle Embroidery on Wool
    av Karin Derland

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258293

    In Freestyle Embroidery on Wool you will learn how to kickstart your creativity and become confident at making your own colourful and expressive designs using appliqué and embroidery on felted wool fabric. Using her own detailed and imaginative embr…

  • Head Gardeners

    Head Gardeners
    av Ambra Edwards

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258323

    Winner of the Inspirational Book of the Year, Garden Media Guild Awards Ambra Edwards and Charlie Hopkinson explore, in words and pictures, the lives, visions and achievements of fourteen very different head gardeners. "Ambra Edwards's fascinating i…

  • Great Dixter

    Great Dixter

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258897

    Christopher Lloyd, icon and iconoclast of the gardening world, was born at Great Dixter, in East Sussex, in 1921 and died there in 2006. In the years between he developed the garden at Dixter into a mecca for plantsmen and a hub of ideas and connect…

  • How to Design a Garden

    How to Design a Garden

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258910

    Beginning in the 1960s, John Brookes MBE (1933–2018) revolutionized garden design, with a new design philosophy and methodology that was rooted in the notion that gardens are about the people who live in them. Recognizing the demands of the co…

  • Virginia Woolf at Home

    Virginia Woolf at Home
    av Hilary Macaskill

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258699

    Virginia Woolf, figurehead of the Bloomsbury Group and an innovative writer whose experimental style and lyrical prose ensured her position as one of the most influential of modern novelists, was also firmly anchored in the reality of the houses she…

  • Potted History

    Potted History
    av Catherine Horwood

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258941

    There is no shortage of books on how to look after houseplants but no one has shown us how and when and why these plants came to be in our homes. Catherine Horwood’s combination of social history, plant history and the history of interior desi…

  • Beth Chatto

    Beth Chatto
    av Catherine Horwood

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258828

    "Beth Chatto is one of the most influential gardeners in our history. This extraordinary person will touch generations of gardeners to come. Gardeners from all over the world have taken her lead on the right plant, right place and have had our eyes…

  • Colour Confident Stitching

    Colour Confident Stitching
    av Karen Barbe

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258651

    Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, any stitching project, no matter how simple, can be enhanced by a well-chosen colour palette, however, many people are nervous or even scared of colour. Textile designer Karen Barbé regularly teaches e…

  • Vintage Shops London

    Vintage Shops London
    av Michelle Mason

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258996

    “As an antidote to throwaway culture, non-sustainable products and fast fashion I take a look at over 50 vintage shops and antique markets across the capital.” Michelle Mason, stylist and founder of Mason & Painter Vintage in London̵…

  • Gertrude Jekyll at Munstead Wood

    Gertrude Jekyll at Munstead Wood
    av Martin Wood

    Inbunden - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258057

    First published in the UK by Sutton Publishing in 1996 (and by Timber Press in the US), this Pimpernel Classic edition has been redesigned and includes new photography. Gertrude Jekyll was probably the most influential garden designer of the early t…

  • Pots for All Seasons

    Pots for All Seasons
    av Tom Harris

    Inbunden - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258798

    In Pots for All Seasons, gardening guru Tom Harris offers a visual feast of container plantings, combined with solid, practical advice born out of his years of experience. The author suggests a wide range of seasonal plantings - as well as a variety…

  • Herterton House And a New Country Garden

    Herterton House And a New Country Garden
    av Frank Lawley

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258583

    Frank and Marjorie Lawley have spent almost 40 years at Herterton House, a 16th century farmhouse on the Wallington Estate, near Cambo (birthplace of Capability Brown) in Northumberland. When they leased Herterton from the National Trust in 1976, th…

  • Maps

    av British Library

    Övrigt - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258552

    This collection of 12 sheets of quality standard-size (500 x 700mm) gift wrap features maps from the British Library, the UK's national library, from the late-16th to the 19th century.  The easy-to-remove tear-off pad binding gives a clean edge and…

  • On the Fringe

    On the Fringe
    av Imogen Taylor

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258774

    If John Fowler was – in the words of the late Duchess of Devonshire – the Prince of Decorators, and Nancy Lancaster undoubted doyenne of English country house style, Imogen Taylor was their crown princess. She joined Colefax and Fowler i…

  • Portrait Revolution

    Portrait Revolution

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258507

    Julia Kay’s Portrait Party is an international collaborative project in which artists all over the world make portraits of each other and share them online. After years of exchanging portraits, tips and techniques within the group, in Portrait…

  • World Street Food

    World Street Food
    av Carolyn Caldicott

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258392

    Full of simple, yet innovative, travellers' favourites, World Street Food is the cookbook for all young travellers and all beginner cooks. Carolyn and Chris Caldicott, co-founders of London's World Food Cafe, recreate the tantalizing tastes of stree…

  • Writing Home

    Writing Home
    av Polly Devlin

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258330

    In the pieces brought together in Writing Home, Polly Devlin OBE, most bewitching of writers, covers subjects that range over her whole life and thought. She writes about places: about her childhood deep in the countryside of Northern Ireland (where…

  • New York

    New York
    av Polly Devlin

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258071

    New York is a town of more quartiers and arondissements than Paris, more souks and bazaars than Cairo, a place of havens from overwhelming energy and of studios where that energy is generated. Above all else, it is where everyone wants to make a mar…

  • A Lesson in Art and Life

    A Lesson in Art and Life
    av Hugh St Clair

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258361

    Interest in mid-20th century British artists and the world they inhabited is growing internationally - prices are rising and exhibitions proliferate. This biography focuses on the couple who were at the centre of the Modern British art scene: Cedric…

  • Double Flowers

    Double Flowers
    av Nicola Ferguson

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258880

    "A brilliantly readable account of double flowers, exploring everything from their many varieties to their biological development, their long history in our gardens and the powerful emotional responses they elicit. This supremely researched book wil…

  • Black Lily

    Black Lily
    av Philippa Stockley

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258095

    In late seventeenth century London two women, one white, one black, stake everything to prevent a manipulative mogul destroying them. Zenobia, born in poverty, grasps that her only hope of controlling her own life is to capitalise on her looks; Lily…

  • Seeking New York

    Seeking New York
    av Tom Miller

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258002

    "If you’re looking for yet another photography-led coffee table showpiece of New York’s skyline, look away. NYPD police inspector Tom Miller’s book has — like most of the buildings it explores — much more substantial fo…

  • Dachshunds

    av Caroline Donald

    Inbunden - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258279

    Dachshunds are everywhere. Walk down any fashionable metropolitan street today and you will be tripping over little sausages. They are the dog du jour: compact enough for city living yet feisty enough for a good country walk; cute but clever and ind…

  • Landscape of Dreams

    Landscape of Dreams
    av Isabel & Julian Bannerman

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258262

    Isabel and Julian Bannerman have been described as ‘mavericks in the grand manner, touched by genius’ (Min Hogg, World of Interiors) and ‘the Bonnie and Clyde of garden design’ (Ruth Guilding, The Bible of British Taste). The…

  • Thomas Hennell

    Thomas Hennell
    av Jessica Kilburn

    Inbunden - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258620

    Thomas Hennell (1903–45) said his aim was to ‘surprise his subject’ – to capture the transient quality of the moment. In watercolour he found his perfect medium, producing work which was, as his fellow artist Edward Bawden sa…

  • Modern Plant Hunters

    Modern Plant Hunters
    av Dr. Sandy Primrose

    Inbunden - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258781

    Almost all the books that have been published on plant hunting focus on the so-called ‘golden age’ that ended with the death of Frank Kingdon Ward in 1958. One might be forgiven for thinking that plant hunting itself came to an end in 19…

  • Ancestors in the Attic

    Ancestors in the Attic
    av Michael Holroyd

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258842

    Michael Holroyd, perhaps the most distinguished of contemporary biographers, has in recent years turned his attention to the stories hidden within his own fascinating (not to say eccentric) family. In Ancestors in the Attic he teases out two especia…

  • Woburn Abbey

    Woburn Abbey
    av Keir Davidson

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258132

    Woburn Abbey: The Park and Gardens tells a fascinating story that illuminates both the history of English landscaping and the highs and lows of an aristocratic family that has been at the centre of British life for more than four centuries. Drawing…

  • Old Masters Rock

    Old Masters Rock
    av Maria-Christina Sayn-Wittgenstein Nottebohm

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258958

    Enjoying art is all about responding to what you are seeing. Parents often lack confidence about how to look at art with children, however, there is no magic secret and there are no right or wrong answers. Old Masters Rock: How to Look at Art with C…

  • The Garden of Vegan

    The Garden of Vegan
    av Cleve West

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258477

    There was a time when garden designer Cleve West questioned the importance of his role as a garden designer. Two things changed his mind: designing a garden for a hospital and adopting a vegan lifestyle.  Cleve's transition to veganism was a profoun…

  • The Gardener's Book of Colour

    The Gardener's Book of Colour
    av Andrew Lawson

    Inbunden - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258026

    A revised and updated edition of Andrew Lawson’s classic work  Andrew Lawson has an artist’s eye, a scientist’s training and long experience as both a gardener and a photographer of gardens. In this book he calls on all his skills…

  • Brilliant and Wild

    Brilliant and Wild
    av Lucy Bellamy

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258637

    From back-of-an-envelope list to flower-filled paradise - Brilliant and Wild: A Garden from Scratch in a Year gives even the most inexperienced gardener the chance to create a beautiful and wildlife-friendly outdoor space - from nothing - in just tw…

  • Setting the Scene

    Setting the Scene
    av George Carter

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258590

    In Setting the Scene leading garden designer George Carter describes his own work over the past thirty years and puts it in the context of the teachings of the great eighteenth-century landscaper Humphry Repton. The result is a series of pithy lesso…

  • Led by the Land

    Led by the Land
    av Kim Wilkie

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258521

    Leading landscape architect Kim Wilkie is revered for his unusual vision and his acute grasp of how people have moulded their environment over the centuries. This updated version of his classic book, Led by the Land, has been expanded to include fre…

  • On Psyche's Lawn

    On Psyche's Lawn
    av Alasdair Forbes

    Inbunden - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258811

    Alasdair Forbes has been developing his innovative and beautiful garden, Plaz Metaxu, in Devon, for the past thirty years. The thirty-two acre garden has been internationally acclaimed both as an unusually ambitious contemporary example of the makin…

  • A Landscape Legacy

    A Landscape Legacy
    av J. Brookes

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258934

    Hailed as ‘the man who made the modern garden’, John Brookes transformed twentieth-century garden design, not only in his native Britain but throughout the world. In his first – groundbreaking – book, Room Outside, in 1969, h…

  • Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Övrigt - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258538

    Twelve sheets of beautifuly designed, top quality wrapping paper neatly folded and glued into a book. Never struggle at home with rolls of wrapping paper again; keep your paper tidy and undamaged. Each sheet can be easily removed when needed, with n…

  • The Generous Gardener

    The Generous Gardener
    av Caroline Donald

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258972

    What do the celebrated actors, the bestselling novelist, the Nepalese Sherpa and the famous model have in common? Like millions of us, they love their gardens – and with good reason, too. Gardening is an art form through which we can all expre…

  • Paradise and Plenty

    Paradise and Plenty
    av Mary Keen

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258750

    The productive garden at Lord Rothschild’s private house, Eythrope in Buckinghamshire, is legendary in the garden world for the excellence of the gardening and as a haven for traditional techniques that might otherwise be lost. Under the leade…

  • The Girl in the Green Jumper

    The Girl in the Green Jumper

    Inbunden - 2022 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258514

    When it comes to deciding the most tragic British artist of the 20th century, Cyril Mann (1911-80) must be a contender. Mann made a number of genuinely innovative breakthroughs and certainly had the potential to become one of the most important figu…

  • Posh Dogs

    Posh Dogs

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258767

    Dogs have been at the heart of Country Life magazine ever since it was first published in 1897. The very first issue on January 8 featured the Princess of Wales with her borzoi, Alex. The second issue, a week later, went behind the scenes of the Pri…

  • Gardening Notes from a Late Bloomer

    Gardening Notes from a Late Bloomer
    av Clare Hastings

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258989

    “I’m not dead yet,” writes Clare Hastings to her daughter, Calypso, who will one day inherit Clare’s beloved cottage garden in the Berkshire Downs. “In fact I woke up this morning feeling quite chipper. I glanced out of…

  • You Should Have Been Here Last Week

    You Should Have Been Here Last Week
    av Tim Richardson

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258866

    An amusing and thought-provoking compendium of columns, articles, essays and reviews from this acute, knowledgeable and irreverent commentator. In a career that has ranged from Country Life to Wallpaper* - spanning the full range between the two, an…

  • Wild Fruits, Berries, Nuts & Flowers

    Wild Fruits, Berries, Nuts & Flowers

    Inbunden - 2022 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781914902987

    First published in 1942 (and retailing at 1s 6d) in response to the growing use of factory-made foods and essences, Wild Berries, Fruits, Nuts & Flowers demonstrated how tasty dishes could be made using the wild fruits and flowers of the countryside…

  • Scent Magic

    Scent Magic
    av Isabel Bannerman

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258491

    The Sunday Times Gardening Book of the Year 2019 In Scent Magic, a book which is at once romantic and extremely practical, plantswoman, designer and garden-maker extraordinaire Isabel Bannerman immerses the reader in the luscious smells of the fragr…

  • Flower Market

    Flower Market
    av Michelle Mason

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258200

    In 2013 designer and illustrator Michelle Mason co-founded Mason & Painter, a vintage emporium on Columbia Road, in east London, a street famed for its Sunday flower market.  Michelle’s inspiration for Flower Market: Botanical Style at Home is…

  • Bridges

    av Marcus Binney

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258170

    Building bridges across rivers, canyons, straits and sea represents one of man’s greatest endeavours. It has stretched human ingenuity, engineering and material technology to their utmost limits. Their creation has been driven by man’s d…

  • The Lindsays of Balcarres

    The Lindsays of Balcarres

    Inbunden - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258576

    The Lindsays of Balcarres began with the rediscovery of some dusty photograph albums at the home of the author’s late father in Fife. The wealth of images within, unexplored for over eighty years, provided the perfect way to present the fascin…

  • A Garden Well Placed

    A Garden Well Placed

    Inbunden - 2022 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258804

    Xa Tollemache started her gardening life when she moved into Helmingham Hall in Suffolk in 1975, as a young wife and mother. She spent the next twenty years learning and consequently developing and improving the gardens. It was Helmingham, she alway…

  • Riding Route 94

    Riding Route 94
    av David McKie

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781910258347

    On previous journeys through Britain, David McKie headed for places he had heard of and was eager to see. But how true, how representative a picture of the country could that provide? What, he wondered, might happen if he let chance dictate his itin…