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  • Candle Magic

    Candle Magic
    av Lucya Starza

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785350436

    Candle magic is something almost everyone has tried, even as a child - who hasn't made a wish over a birthday cake? Candle spells are among the easiest yet also the most effective to perform. They are perfect for anyone who wants to have a go at cas…

  • Pagan Portals - The Power of the Elements

    Pagan Portals - The Power of the Elements
    av Melusine Draco

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785359163

    How to find deeper meaning in magical workings with Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit and connect with the Old Ways. Many contemporary pagan books rarely go further than describing the use of the elemental energies as markers in casting the Circle.…

  • Journey to the Dark Goddess

    Journey to the Dark Goddess
    av Jane Meredith

    Häftad - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781846946776

    Journey to the Dark Goddess will lead you on a powerful, healing path. In the stories of ancient Goddesses you will hear your own soul, calling out to you. The Dark Goddess is the creatrix of healing, change and renewal. She offers connection with t…

  • The Gray Witch's Grimoire

    The Gray Witch's Grimoire
    av Amythyst Raine

    Häftad - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780992730

    What makes this book unique? The world of the gray witch has been largely avoided, misrepresented, or glossed over with various books geared gingerly towards 'protection magic'. These books, though informative and well written as they may be, have t…

  • Pagan Portals - Hoodoo

    Pagan Portals - Hoodoo
    av Rachel Patterson

    Häftad - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782790204

    Pagan Portals - Hoodoo is an introduction to the magical art, detailing what Hoodoo is and how to work with it as well as offering recipes and other ideas. The book details the author's personal experiences with Hoodoo, deities, beliefs and the magi…

  • Fairycraft

    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785350511

    An in-depth manual for practicing Fairy Witchcraft including theology, fairy lore, rituals, holidays, and magical practices. This book aims to pick up where Pagan Portals - Fairy Witchcraft leaves off and teach interested people the comprehensive pr…

  • Herbs of the Sun, Moon and Planets

    Herbs of the Sun, Moon and Planets
    av Steve Andrews

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785353024

    Pagan Portals - Herbs of the Sun, Moon and Planets combines herbalism with astrology and explains how the ancient herbalists like Culpeper assigned specific herbs to planetary rulers. Various characteristics were used to decide what planet ruled par…

  • Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone

    Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone
    av Joanna Van der Hoeven

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782795476

    Druidry is a wonderful, spiritually fulfilling life path. Through the magic that is Druidry, we build deep and abiding relationships with the natural world around us, and through our connection to the natural environment we walk a path of truth, hon…

  • Druid Garden, The

    Druid Garden, The
    av Luke Eastwood

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789046076

    In this age of high technology, GM foods and industrial farming, many people are looking for an alternative way to live, that honours and respects the natural world. The Druid Garden mines the deep seem of gardening through the ages and alternative…

  • Fairies

    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782796503

    The subject of fairies in Celtic cultures is a complex one that seems to endlessly intrigue people. What exactly are fairies? What can they do? How can we interact with them? Answering these questions becomes even harder in a world that is disconnec…

  • A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants

    A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants
    av Rachel Patterson

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782796213

    Every plant, every flower, every herb and every tree has energy, and that energy has magical properties. This book is go-to guide on how to work with these magical herbs and plants, how to use them and what to do with them.

  • Pagan Portals - Persephone

    Pagan Portals - Persephone
    av Robin Corak

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789043334

    Embark upon a powerful journey with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring, as she helps you to discover your personal power and take control of your life. 'There is something for everyone in this book, which will be of interest t…

  • Hidden Worlds, The

    Hidden Worlds, The
    av Sandra Ingerman

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785358203

    Were those people in Isaiah's dream the same people from school? Popular soccer star Magda? George, who he'd never heard speak because he always left classes for special services help? Angry Rose, the Chinese girl who was always in trouble for fight…

  • Pagan Portals - Moon Magic

    Pagan Portals - Moon Magic
    av Rachel Patterson

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782792819

    Moon Magic is an introduction to working with the phases of the Moon, what they are and how to live in harmony with the lunar year and to utilize all the magical powers it provides. It's filled with the basics of the lunar cycle, the representations…

  • Shamanic Plant Medicine - Magic Mushrooms: The Holy Children

    Shamanic Plant Medicine - Magic Mushrooms: The Holy Children
    av Ross Heaven

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782792512

    The Shamanic Plant Medicine series acts as an introduction to specific teacher plants used by shamans in a variety of cultures to facilitate spirit communion, healing, divination and personal discovery, and which are increasingly known, used and res…

  • Shaman Pathways - the Druid Shaman

    Shaman Pathways - the Druid Shaman
    av Danu Forest

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780996158

    Covering the basics of Celtic shamanism, with reference to traditional lore and source materials through the lens of both ancient and modern Druidry and shamanic practice, The Druid Shaman is a well rounded guide, showing the seamless cross over bet…

  • Pagan Portals - The Morrigan

    Pagan Portals - The Morrigan
    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782798330

    On shadowed wings and in raven's call, meet the ancient Irish goddess of war, battle, prophecy, death, sovereignty, and magic. This book is an introduction to the Morrigan and several related goddesses who share the title, including Badb and Macha.…

  • Pagan Portals - Raven Goddess

    Pagan Portals - Raven Goddess
    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789044867

    Pagan Portals - Raven Goddess follows on from the author's earlier book, The Morrigan, to help the reader continue to get to know the Irish Goddess of war, battle, and prophecy with a particular focus on disentangling truth from common misconception…

  • Meditation

    av Rachel Patterson

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785350306

    An introduction to the beautiful world of meditation...This book will take you on a journey giving hints and tips on how to meditate succesfully, breathing exercises, chants and visualisation tips. Also included are lovely meditation tea and incense…

  • Pagan Portals - by Wolfsbane & Mandrake Root

    Pagan Portals - by Wolfsbane & Mandrake Root
    av Melusine Draco

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780995724

    A large number of poisonous plants have beneficial uses in both domestic medicine and magic. Needless to say, when utilising a toxic plant in magic, we are adding certain extra deadly or potent energies into the mix and it is inadvisable to start me…

  • A Deed without a Name

    A Deed without a Name
    av Lee Morgan

    Häftad - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780995496

    The field of witchcraft studies is continually over-turning new information and research about traditional witchcraft practices and their meanings. A Deed Without a Name seeks to weave together some of this cutting-edge research with insider informa…

  • Otherworld

    av Chris Allaun

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789045345

    Otherworld: Ecstatic Witchcraft for the Spirits of the Land is about establishing relationships with the spirits of the land. Many books talk about Faeries, but this book not only teaches about the Elves and Faery folk, but also how to have a workin…

  • Moon Books Gods & Goddesses Colouring Book

    Moon Books Gods & Goddesses Colouring Book
    av Rachel Patterson

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782791270

    Take a journey across the pantheons of the world and allow your creative energy to flow, colouring in images and mandalas for some of the most interesting and inspiring deities. Each deity has a beautiful image to colour in using paints, pencils or…

  • Keeping Her Keys

    Keeping Her Keys
    av Cyndi Brannen

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789040753

    Over the past few years Hekate has gained increasing popularity around the world. While there are books written about the historical Hekate, there is a lack of information applying this knowledge for personal development and practicing witchcraft. K…

  • Pagan Portals - The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve

    Pagan Portals - The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve
    av Lady Haight-Ashton

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789040791

    It was said in the beginning, in a garden called Eden, that woman was created at the same time as man, and not from his rib. Lilith, the first female, created equal to stand as a partner. But she proved to be a person so troublesome that she vanishe…

  • Sacred Sex and Magick

    Sacred Sex and Magick
    av Web PATH Center

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782795544

    The members of the Web PATH Center, a pagan church and spiritual community in Lyons, NY, wondered what would happen if they wrote a book about sex. The book needed to be spiritual. It needed to be sexy. It needed to be explicit. Sacred Sex and Magic…

  • Ritual of Writing, The

    Ritual of Writing, The
    av Andrew Anderson

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789041538

    Using writing to deepen your connection with the Universe. The Ritual of Writing explores the connection between writing and ritual in Pagan spirituality. Focusing upon practical tasks, it begins by helping readers create a piece of writing connecte…

  • Shaman Pathways - The Celtic Chakras

    Shaman Pathways - The Celtic Chakras
    av Elen Sentier

    Häftad - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780995069

    We've largely forgotten our ancient Celtic chakra heritage, indeed some people think there is no concept of chakras in the western tradition but this is not the case. The chakras are found throughout the mystery traditions all over the world, well k…

  • Pagan Portals - Have a Cool Yule

    Pagan Portals - Have a Cool Yule
    av Melusine Draco

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785357114

    For the entire Pagan community Christmas should be one of the most sacred times of the year, but the lack of any formal written liturgy has consigned the festival to a minor observance in the Pagan calendar. Have a Cool Yule demonstrates that histor…

  • Brigid

    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785353208

    Pagan Portals - Brigid is a basic introduction to the Goddess Brigid focusing on her history and myth as well as her modern devotion and worship. Primarily looking at the Irish Goddess but including a discussion of her Pan-Celtic appearances, partic…

  • Pagan Portals - the Dagda

    Pagan Portals - the Dagda
    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785356407

    Get to know the Good God of Ireland through mythology, history, and modern worship. The Dagda is one of the most well-known of the Irish Gods, a king of the Tuatha De Danann and mediator between the Gods and mortals after the Gaels came to Ireland.…

  • Hoodoo in the Psalms

    Hoodoo in the Psalms
    av Taren S

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789042061

    You are holding in your hands one of the most powerful grimoires for practicing the magick found in the Psalms. It contains over 160 complete and ready to use magickal workings for both the novice and the more experienced magickal folks to add to th…

  • Pagan Portals - Spellbook & Candle

    Pagan Portals - Spellbook & Candle
    av Melusine Draco

    Häftad - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780995632

    Curses have given the world some of its greatest legends and folklore, and the more grisly and gory, the better we like them. But cursing, or ill-wishing, is not a practice confined to magical practitioners - black, white or grey - it is a form of e…

  • Breaking the Mother Goose Code

    Breaking the Mother Goose Code
    av Jeri Studebaker

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782790228

    Who was Mother Goose? Where did she come from, and when? Although she's one of the most beloved characters in Western literature, Mother Goose's origins have seemed lost in the mists of time. Several have tried to pin her down, claiming she was the…

  • Pagan Portals - Thor

    Pagan Portals - Thor
    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789041156

    Thor is an immensely popular God but also one of contradictions, whose complexity is sometimes underrated. Often depicted as oafish, he was clever enough to outwit the dwarf Alviss (All-wise). A god of storms and thunder, he brought fertility and bl…

  • Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days

    Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days
    av Lucya Starza

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785355677

    Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days contains 366 spells, rituals, meditations, Pagan prayers, divinatory techniques, poems to read and recipes and craft projects to try out, along with the details of festivals that take place throughout the year.…

  • Pagan Portals - Reclaiming Witchcraft

    Pagan Portals - Reclaiming Witchcraft
    av Irisanya Moon

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789042122

    Reclaiming Witchcraft is designed to help the reader better understand the basic structure of the Reclaiming tradition, as well as discover how it has changed since its initial formation in San Francisco and subsequent journey out to the reaches of…

  • Pagan Portals - Dancing with Nemetona

    Pagan Portals - Dancing with Nemetona
    av Joanna Van der Hoeven

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782793274

    Nemetona is an ancient goddess whose song is heard deep within the earth and also deep within the human soul. She is the Lady of Sanctuary, of Sacred Groves and Sacred Spaces. She is present within the home, within our sacred groves, our rites and i…

  • Wiccan Celebrations

    Wiccan Celebrations
    av Silver Elder

    Häftad - 2011 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781846945380

    Paganism is one of the world's fastest growing religions because mainstream religion fails to respond to many people's needs. Wicca, or Wisecraft, is a major tradition. Its earth-centered spirituality and connection to the forces of the Universe har…

  • Pagan Portals - Manannan mac Lir

    Pagan Portals - Manannan mac Lir
    av Morgan Daimler

    Häftad - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785358104

    The mystery, magic and myth of Manannan. The sea is a powerful, driving force for many people, a source of sustenance as well as danger. It is no surprise that Manannan, the Celtic God of the sea, should be an important figure but one who is also as…

  • Pagan Portals - The Cailleach

    Pagan Portals - The Cailleach
    av Rachel Patterson

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781785353222

    The Cailleach - goddess of the ancestors, wisdom that comes with age, the weather, time, shape-shifting and winter. Within the pages of this book Rachel Patterson gives the reader an introduction to the mysteries, myths, legends and magic of the anc…

  • Spiritual Wisdom from the Altai Mountains

    Spiritual Wisdom from the Altai Mountains
    av Nikolai Shodoev

    Häftad - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780991214

    Drawing on ancient symbols, oral and shamanic text, legend and prophecy, Shodoev gives an introduction to Altai cosmology, the soul, individual, spiritual development, harmony between man and the nature and the imminent evolutionary shift from the y…

  • The Shaman within

    The Shaman within
    av Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

    Häftad - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782793052

    The Shaman Within explains how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits. Through a very personal journey; the travels, experiences, rituals, highs and lows of th…

  • Pagan Portals - Hellenic Paganism

    Pagan Portals - Hellenic Paganism
    av Samantha Leaver

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789043235

    Hellenic Paganism has been growing in interest for a number of years and steadily becoming a strong presence in neo-Paganism. As with most paths there are many differing practices in the Hellenic world, all underpinned by the values and ethics of wh…

  • Pagan Portals - God-Speaking

    Pagan Portals - God-Speaking
    av Judith O'Grady

    Häftad - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780992815

    Pagan Portals - God-Speaking offers a new concept in Earth ecology incorporating mysticism and folk religion. The author is both a trance seer and a biologist, bringing a unique balance to an examination of nature philosophy. Storytelling examples f…

  • Moon Poets

    Moon Poets

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782796176

    In this slim volume you will find six Moon Books poets from the USA and UK. We are delighted and immensely proud that Tiffany, Robin, Lorna, Romany, Martin and Beverley have honoured Moon Books by sharing their work and allowing us to publish this a…

  • The Road to Second Degree Priesthood

    The Road to Second Degree Priesthood
    av M. L. Rosenblad

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781782796473

    The second book in a series of three, leading to the knowledge needed for becoming active clergy on the earth-based path. Delving into the many facets of the path, it also covers interfaith cooperation, religious philosophy and comparison as well as…

  • Medicine of the Imagination: Dwelling in Possibility

    Medicine of the Imagination: Dwelling in Possibility
    av Imelda Almqvist

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781789044324

    The human imagination gives rise to the most beautiful man-made structures and creations on Earth: architecture, literature, theatre, music, art, humanitarian initiatives, moon landings and space exploration, mythology, science, they all require a l…

  • Post-tribal Shamanism

    Post-tribal Shamanism
    av Kenn Day

    Häftad - 2014 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780996196

    Modern life is lived cut off from our souls, our ancestors, the earth and other elements of what once made life worth living. Our souls still yearn for these missing pieces, causing what the author calls the Invisible Wound. This wound is responsibl…

  • Wild Earth, Wild Soul

    Wild Earth, Wild Soul
    av Bill Pfeiffer

    Häftad - 2013 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781780991870

    Humankind has the capacity and know-how to create Earth-honoring cultures in a new way for new times. Through tapping into ancestral memories, taking what's best from the human potential movement, and collaborating with present day indigenous people…