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  • Critical Currents and Superconductivity

    Critical Currents and Superconductivity
    av Samir Khene

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498775106

    The book comprises six chapters which deal with the critical currents and the ferromagnetism-superconductivity coexistence in high-Tc oxides. It begins by gathering key data for superconducting state and the fundamental properties of the conventiona…

  • Solar Silicon Processes

    Solar Silicon Processes

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498742658

    Polycrystalline silicon (commonly called "polysilicon") is the material of choice for photovoltaic (PV) applications. Polysilicon is the purest synthetic material on the market, though its processing through gas purification and decomposition (commo…

  • Applied Molecular Biotechnology

    Applied Molecular Biotechnology

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498714815

    Applied Molecular Biotechnology: The Next Generation of Genetic Engineering explains state-of-the-art advances in the rapidly developing area of molecular biotechnology, the technology of the new millennium. Comprised of chapters authored by leading…

  • An Introduction to Fish Migration

    An Introduction to Fish Migration

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498718738

    Since the publication of The Migrations of Fish by Prof. Alexander Meek in 1916, a number of books have been published on this subject. However, most of these books only cover one type of migratory mechanisms. This book aims to overcome this drawbac…

  • The Problem-Solving, Problem-Prevention, and Decision-Making Guide

    The Problem-Solving, Problem-Prevention, and Decision-Making Guide
    av Bob Sproull

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780815361404

    Each day, managers and employees are confronted with a plethora of real problems and decisions that are creating issues suchs as lost throughput, poor quality, personnel problems, and material shortages.How they approach these daily quandaries will…

  • Structural Analysis and Design to Prevent Disproportionate Collapse

    Structural Analysis and Design to Prevent Disproportionate Collapse
    av Feng Fu

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498706797

    Hard Guidance on Preventing Disproportionate Collapse Disproportionate collapse is a pressing issue in current design practice. Numerous causes are possible – especially forms of extreme loading, such as blast, fire, earthquake, or vehicle col…

  • Acoustical Sensing and Imaging

    Acoustical Sensing and Imaging
    av Hua Lee

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498725736

    For complex operating modalities and dimensionalities, the design and development of high-performance sensing and imaging systems represent the most direct and significant advances in the field of system analysis and signal processing. In this field…

  • Handbook of Methods for Designing, Monitoring, and Analyzing Dose-Finding Trials

    Handbook of Methods for Designing, Monitoring, and Analyzing Dose-Finding Trials

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498746106

    Handbook of Methods for Designing, Monitoring, and Analyzing Dose-Finding Trials gives a thorough presentation of state-of-the-art methods for early phase clinical trials. The methodology of clinical trials has advanced greatly over the last 20 ye…

  • Software Engineering for Science

    Software Engineering for Science

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498743853

    Software Engineering for Science provides an in-depth collection of peer-reviewed chapters that describe experiences with applying software engineering practices to the development of scientific software. It provides a better understanding of how so…

  • Kansei Innovation

    Kansei Innovation
    av Mitsuo Nagamachi

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498706827

    Developed in the early 70s in Japan, the Kansei Engineering (KE) method gives you the tools to develop profitable and well-received products and services. Written by the founder of KE, MitsuoNagamachi, and co-authored by one of his proteges, Anitawa…

  • Introduction to Industrial Automation

    Introduction to Industrial Automation
    av Stamatios Manesis

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498705400

    This book provides an extended overview and fundamental knowledge in industrial automation, while building the necessary knowledge level for further specialization in advanced concepts of industrial automation. It covers a number of central concepts…

  • Land Tenure, Boundary Surveys, and Cadastral Systems

    Land Tenure, Boundary Surveys, and Cadastral Systems
    av George M. Cole

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498731652

    Land is important to all aspects of human life and has a key role in the economic well-being of society therefore, land tenure, land ownership, and real property law is a critical part of any developed nation. Together, the processes of how land par…

  • Barile's Clinical Toxicology

    Barile's Clinical Toxicology
    av Frank A. Barile

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498765305

    As with the two previous editions, Barile's Clinical Toxicology: Principles and Mechanisms, Third edition, examines the complex interactions associated with clinical toxicological events as a result of therapeutic drug administration or chemical exp…

  • Utilizing the 3Ms of Process Improvement in Healthcare

    Utilizing the 3Ms of Process Improvement in Healthcare
    av Richard Morrow

    Häftad - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781439895351

    Utilizing the 3Ms of Process Improvement in Healthcare supplies step-by-step guidance on how to use the 3Ms of change leadership to improve healthcare processes. Complete with forms, templates, and healthcare case studies, it illustrates the proper…

  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

    Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
    av Akos Mathe

    Inbunden - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498767705

    This volume summarizes important aspects of the biological production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), a complex process based on the genetic principles of secondary substance formation. It concentrates on eco-physiological factors and their…

  • Stochastic Processes in Mathematical Population Genetics

    Stochastic Processes in Mathematical Population Genetics
    av Robert Griffiths

    Inbunden - 2022 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498707589

    There is a great deal of interest in population genetics in the applied probability and mathematical biology communities. This book provides an overview of applied probability methods in mathematical population genetics. It presents various techniqu…

  • Lean for the Cash-Strapped Leader

    Lean for the Cash-Strapped Leader
    av John E. Madigan

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498738965

    Created by Lean practitioners with real-world, results-proven track records, this book is designed to help struggling managers and leaders, interested in the benefits of Lean but bereft of budgets to hire full-time consultants, start substantial cha…

  • Ethics and the Internal Auditor's Political Dilemma

    Ethics and the Internal Auditor's Political Dilemma
    av Lynn Fountain

    Häftad - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498767804

    This book helps auditors understand the reality of performing the internal audit role and the importance of properly managing ethical standards. It provides many examples of ethical conflicts and proposes alternative actions for the internal auditor…

  • Procedural Generation in Game Design

    Procedural Generation in Game Design

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498799195

    Making a game can be an intensive process, and if not planned accurately can easily run over budget. The use of procedural generation in game design can help with the intricate and multifarious aspects of game development; thus facilitating cost red…

  • Photovoltaic Systems Engineering

    Photovoltaic Systems Engineering
    av Roger A. Messenger

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498772778

    The primary purpose of PV Systems Engineering is to provide a comprehensive set of PV knowledge and understanding tools for the design, installation, commissioning, inspection, and operation of PV systems. During recent years in the United States, m…

  • The Practical Art of Video Game Prototyping

    The Practical Art of Video Game Prototyping
    av Andy Manns

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498779241

    This book documents and explains in detail the process of how a game goes from a simple idea to a fully realized product. All the art and design techniques put to use in modern games development, through all the various production stages, will be ex…

  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics

    Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498753951

    Successfully Estimate the Thermal and Mechanical Characteristics of Electronics Systems A definitive guide for practitioners new to the field or requiring a refresher course, Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics: Thermal and Mechanical De…

  • Creating a Lean R&D System

    Creating a Lean R&D System
    av Terence M Barnhart

    Inbunden - 2012 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781439800782

    The ability to find and remove barriers between people and their systems in R&D can almost guarantee a doubling in performance, and often delivers multiples of that. R&D teams that have smooth handoffs deliver 100 percent of the required knowledge a…

  • Manual of Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

    Manual of Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

    Häftad - 2020 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498739467

    This book provides a useful guide for the management of complex abdominal wall problems from the perspective of a general surgeon, with sensible, practical clinical advice for the management of problems as they arise. Starting from managing the open…

  • Fluoride in Drinking Water

    Fluoride in Drinking Water
    av A.K. Gupta

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498756525

    Explore the Health Effects of Fluoride Pollution Fluoride in Drinking Water: Status, Issues, and Solutions establishes the negative impacts of naturally occurring fluoride on human health and considers the depth and scope of fluoride pollution on a…

  • Computational Design of Chemicals for the Control of Mosquitoes and Their Diseases

    Computational Design of Chemicals for the Control of Mosquitoes and Their Diseases

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498741804

    There is a compelling need for new drugs and efficient treatments against mosquito-borne diseases. Environmentally safe, but effective insecticides that address the problems of resistance are required. Computational Design of Chemicals for the Contr…

  • Soft Computing in Engineering

    Soft Computing in Engineering
    av Jamshid Ghaboussi

    Inbunden - 2018 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498745673

    Soft computing methods such as neural networks and genetic algorithms draw on the problem solving strategies of the natural world which differ fundamentally from the mathematically-based computing methods normally used in engineering. Human brains a…

  • 5S for Safety Implemantation Toolkit

    5S for Safety Implemantation Toolkit
    av Press Productivity

    Övrigt - 2000 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781420078619

  • Security Surveillance Centers

    Security Surveillance Centers
    av Anthony V. DiSalvatore

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498765558

    Unlike current books on the market that focus primarily on the technical aspects of surveillance and protection, Security Surveillance Centers: Design, Implementation, and Operation focuses on the operation of a security surveillance center. This te…

  • ZBrush Creature Workshop

    ZBrush Creature Workshop
    av Madeline Scott-Spencer

    Häftad - 2021 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498780858

    Written by a digital creature designer in the film industry, this book teaches readers both the technical aspects of ZBrush as well as the core artistic considerations. Offering both technical information and artistic theory, this book demonstrates…

  • Glossary of Biotechnology & Agrobiotechnology Terms

    Glossary of Biotechnology & Agrobiotechnology Terms
    av Kimball Nill

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498758208

    The 5th edition of Glossary of Biotechnology and Agrobiotechnology Terms will be a significant expansion of the previous 4th edition. In the past decade, many new terms have been introduced due to the appearance and application of new crop plant bre…

  • Statistics in Toxicology Using R

    Statistics in Toxicology Using R
    av Ludwig A. Hothorn

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498701273

    The apparent contradiction between statistical significance and biological relevance has diminished the value of statistical methods as a whole in toxicology. Moreover, recommendations for statistical analysis are imprecise in most toxicological gui…

  • Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare

    Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare
    av A. Michael LaPenna

    Häftad - 2010 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781420092448

    Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare: A Catalyst for Cost Savings and Improved Productivity is not another diatribe on the national healthcare problem. Instead, it is a book about what is possible. Mike LaPenna shares with readers the a…

  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

    Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)
    av Suman Bhowmick

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498756198

    Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS): Newton Power-Flow Modeling of Voltage-Sourced Converter-Based Controllers introduces different voltage-sourced converter (VSC)-based FACTS controllers and VSC-based high-voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) sys…

  • Ecological Risk Assessment

    Ecological Risk Assessment
    av Lawrence V. Tannenbaum

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498786171

    This book is a compendium of highly purposeful studies all waiting to be conducted. It explains how avoiding common study design flaws, opportunities are created to observe that true risk assessment questions may not exist, that chemically exposed r…

  • The Lean IT Field Guide

    The Lean IT Field Guide
    av Michael A. Orzen

    Häftad - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498730389

    How many IT books have you read that are long on theory and short on practical application? They are interesting, but not very impactful. They provide a framework from which to think and understand, but lack a process from which to act. Addressing t…

  • Basic GIS Coordinates

    Basic GIS Coordinates
    av Jan Van Sickle

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498774628

    Coordinates are integral building tools for GIS, cartography, surveying and are vital to the many applications we use today such as smart phones, car navigation systems and driverless cars. Basic GIS Coordinates, Third Edition grants readers with a…

  • Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook

    Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498774116

    Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook, Second Edition, proposes an international ideal model for the assistive technology assessment process, outlining how this model can be applied in practice to re-conceptualize the phases of an assistive techn…

  • Leadership for Intellectual Disability Service

    Leadership for Intellectual Disability Service

    Inbunden - 2019 - Engelska - ISBN: 9780815390848

    People with intellectual disability often experience challenges in their lives. These may be due to difficulties in social adaptation, but may also be related to a reality of disempowerment whereby they have little role in the decisions central to t…

  • Information Theory Tools for Visualization

    Information Theory Tools for Visualization
    av Min Chen

    Inbunden - 2016 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498740937

    This book explores Information theory (IT) tools, which have become state of the art to solve and understand better many of the problems in visualization. This book covers all relevant literature up to date. It is the first book solely devoted to th…

  • Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams

    Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams

    Häftad - 1997 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781563270819

    As distinguished from autonomous maintenance, where the main goal is to restore basic conditions of cleanliness, lubrication, and proper fastening to prevent accelerated deterioration, FEI looks at specific losses or design weaknesses that everyone…

  • Data Science Foundations

    Data Science Foundations
    av Fionn Murtagh

    Inbunden - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498763936

    "Data Science Foundations is most welcome and, indeed, a piece of literature that the field is very much in need of…quite different from most data analytics texts which largely ignore foundational concepts and simply present a cookbook of met…

  • Cellular Manufacturing

    Cellular Manufacturing
    av Productivity Development Team

    Häftad - 1999 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781563272134

    Cellular Manufacturing: One-Piece Flow for Workteams introduces production teams to basic cellular manufacturing and teamwork concepts and orients them for participating in the design of a new production cell. Use this book to get everyone on board…

  • The Boston IVF Handbook of Infertility

    The Boston IVF Handbook of Infertility
    av Steven Bayer

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498781244

    Based on the gold standard procedures and protocols developed at Boston IVF, this new edition of a bestselling text continues to provide a structured approach to treating the infertile couple that can be of benefit to the gynecologist, reproductive…

  • Human Sectional Anatomy

    Human Sectional Anatomy
    av Adrian Kendal Dixon

    Häftad - 2017 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498708548

    First published in 1991, Human Sectional Anatomy set new standards for the quality of cadaver sections and accompanying radiological images. Now in its fourth edition, this unsurpassed quality remains and is further enhanced by the addition of new m…

  • Variable Speed Generators

    Variable Speed Generators
    av Ion Boldea

    Inbunden - 2015 - Engelska - ISBN: 9781498723572

    Variable Speed Generators, the second of two volumes in the Electric Generators Handbook, provides extensive coverage of variable speed generators in distributed generation and renewable energy applications around the world. The book delves into the…