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Nikola Tesla: Signals From The Stars
  • Bandtyp: Häftad
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Utgiven: 201909
  • Antal sidor: 218
  • Vikt i gram: 517
  • ISBN10:160611980X
  • ISBN13:9781606119808

Nikola Tesla: Signals From The Stars




**-- Can A Simple Device Enable Even The Common Man To Speak To Beings On Other Planets?

** -- Have Thousands Of Messages Been Sent To Us Over Radio And TV From Other Worlds? Have Such Otherworldly Transmissions Been Beamed to Astronauts And Even A U.S. Senator As Well?

** -- Did The Great Genius Nikola Tesla Communicate With The Planet Mars -- In A Two Way Conversation?

** -- Did Tesla Have A Son Who Secretly Continued His Work With Interplanetary Communications Following His Death?

In this fascinating contribution to the field of Exopolitics and Extraterrestrial Communications, the authors tackle a variety of powerful questions that need serious attention in order to verify and qualify the material presented for our consideration.

Did Tesla's receptivity to the true nature of the cosmos and his inadvertent tapping into "messages" from the true "outer limits" of space allow him to create the plans for futuristic aerial craft that could circumnavigate the Earth almost instantaneously?

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, instances of mysterious "interference" have been reported over various broadcast frequencies. Whether it's a powerful TV station in England, high frequency channels reserved strictly for astronaut communications, ham sets, or CB equipment, some unknown intelligent sources have the ability to "cut in" and take over the airwaves as they see fit.

This volume reveals the history of such transmissions, how the reader can construct a simple device that might allow one to "speak to the stars" and establish ET contacts, and, above all else, tells the incredible, hidden history of one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived and how his life was directed by an advanced race of beings from a planet concerned about the Earth's wellbeing. They directed Nikola Tesla to become a humanitarian idealist, consumed by a passion to save the world from poverty and war.

This is a book of mystery, of mysticism, of intrigue, that puts a whole new light on a man with almost supernatural powers and the space beings - though hidden behind the scenes - who assisted in helping him achieve his almost miraculous goal of leading the Earth into a Golden or New Age and a thousand years of prosperity.

This is not a "difficult to read" book on Tesla's scientific principles and his work as a engineer, but a book that covers the much hushed-up aspects of his life and career and his association with friendly beings from other worlds. If there are UFOs, their occupants are said to have "planted" Tesla and other far out thinkers on the earth to expand our consciousness.

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