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The UFO Repeaters - Seeing Is Believing - The Camera Doesn't Lie
  • Bandtyp: Häftad
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Utgiven: 201503
  • Antal sidor: 298
  • Vikt i gram: 694
  • ISBN10:1606111914
  • ISBN13:9781606111918

The UFO Repeaters - Seeing Is Believing - The Camera Doesn't Lie




Here are well documented cases of those rare individuals who have experienced an ongoing series of encounters with UFO occupants - and have the uncanny ability to take remarkable photos of their craft on an ongoing basis. - Some showing the aliens themselves


From the very first UFO sighting, it was assumed that a UFO witness was simply in the "right place at the right time" and that observing another UFO sometime in their life would be like being stuck by lightening more than once.

But this concept is now generally thought to be utterly false - for there is a subset of "very special" individuals who have the uncanny ability to "call down" UFOs at will and to even take repeated photographs of their craft.

UFO expert Tim Beckley asks probing questions like: - Is the UFO Repeater solely responsible for the images on film or video? Do the aliens keep track of their "Chosen Ones" with perhaps an implanted homing device? Or does the repeat witness blindly stumble on to a locale that has become a "hotspot" that draws repeated UFO activity?

Here are some of the individuals who have the described "magical and mental powers" to sustain an ongoing relationship with other-worldly beings:

++ HOWARD MENGER -- Throughout his life - since childhood - he was contacted by trusting, caring, flying saucer occupants who landed on his New Jersey farm, including a beautiful space woman who told Howard that they would be "with him" throughout his life

++ MARC BRINKERHOFF -- This NY-based contacts treats us to stunning photos taken of UFOs upon demand, including pictures of the occupants themselves. He often captures flying discs outside his Manhattan apartment.

PAUL VILLA -- Space ships hover over his trailer and truck and come to rest on tripod landing pods. "Vandals" burned his home to ground but he continues his quest.

** JOE FERRIERE -- Talk show host photographs variety of cigar and dome-shaped objects in woods near Cumberland, RI. Report on strange meeting with couple believed to be extraterrestrials walking amongst us.

** TOM DONGO - SEDONA'S SHAPE SHIFTERS -- The Bradshaw Ranch attracts interdimensional "visitors" similar to those that haunt the Skinwalker Ranch. Tom maintains a huge collection of pictures taken in the town where aliens may secretly dwell.

** WARMINSTER'S "THE THING" -- Journalist Arthur Shuttlewood shepherds hundreds to Cradle Hill for an encounter of their own. Transparent aliens, abductions and missing time ensue.

** ITALY'S "FRIENDSHIP CASE" -- Credible citizens engage nine-foot-tall beings in conversations of galactic importance. Offers up amazing UFO pictures as proof of otherworldly "skirmishes."

** STELLA LANSING -- Weird impressions on film invisible to human eye go unexplained. Unknown entities. Clock faces. Strange aerial devices. Verified by academia and photo analysis.

** ELLEN CRYSTALL-- Pine Bush, NY, became UFO Central for this UFO Repeater who photographed multi-dimensional beings and "radioactive" craft at the same place time after time.

** TURKEY UFO ALERT --GRAYS PHOTOGRAPHED IN PORT OPENING The late Dr. Roger Leir has been part of this series of ongoing successful attempts to take video footage of a huge UFO and its humanoid alien pilots who come in from over the ocean. What are they watching and waiting for no one is saying

** ELIZABETH KLARER -- South African contactee claims to have visited alien world and to to have married handsome Aryan-like extraterrestrial. Together they had a hybrid child.

"UFO Repeaters: Seeing Is Believing The Camera Doesn't Lie" offers a wonderful opportunity to see and ponder dozens of new photos taken by a tiny segment of humanity who the UFO occupants have selected to reveal themselves to on a one to one basis over a long period of time.

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