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Electronic Shorthand: An easy-to-learn method of rapid digital note-taking
  • Bandtyp: Häftad
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Utgiven: 201612
  • Antal sidor: 166
  • Vikt i gram: 168
  • ISBN10:1539552209
  • ISBN13:9781539552208

Electronic Shorthand: An easy-to-learn method of rapid digital note-taking


Need to take notes?

If you can never find a pen but always have an electronic device, this digital version of shorthand might be for you

If you need to take notes quickly for work, study, business, hobbies, or due to memory problems, Electronic Shorthand could be the answer for you.

It's a quick and easy-to-learn method of notetaking on an electronic device - a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Unlike traditional shorthand, it doesn't involve learning a whole new language, it's similar to texting but with a few simple rules so you'll always be able to read your notes back It's intuitive, easy, and fun.

It will enable you to take extensive notes, quickly and easily, and have them available anywhere in the cloud - without having to transcribe them or type them up afterwards.

This is ideal for students and anyone who studies - online or off. The author used to be a school teacher and found that her smartphone-loving pupils adored their new skill. It helped them concentrate during lessons, and improving recall afterwards. It was phenomenally successful for pupils who are kinesthetic learners - those who need to move in order to focus. If your child is struggling in school, this could be a useful aid.

It's also great for reporters - you don't need to invest years into learning Pitman, Gregg, or Teeline, and you won't need to worry about storing your notebooks or bits of paper. Journalists have traditionally had to learn shorthand but now, with digital devices, it seems a little archaic. Apart from in courtrooms, where devices are often banned. No problem, you can use electronic shorthand on paper, too. It isn't quite as fast as traditional shorthand but it's a LOT quicker to learn and you can build your speed up to be almost as fast as the dots and squiggles devotees. And, let's be honest, who really does get up to (and maintain - out of the exam room ) those 120wpm+ shorthand speeds anyway? Most of us are almost that fast with our thumbs on a smartphone.

Business people love this method for taking down client briefs, networking/conference notes, and for organizing their lives.

Your notes will be secure on your device and pretty unreadable to anyone who hasn't studied Electronic Shorthand.

You don't need any software, the native Notes app or Evernote, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or another Notes app is suitable.

If you take notes on a computer or laptop, you'll be pleased that the book includes instructions for customizing Microsoft Word to make your notetaking even faster. The author actually invented this system for a medical secretary, who had to take notes on a laptop (they appeared on a screen ) in multidisclipinary team meetings and found it incredibly stressful, until she learnt this method. It wowed everybody

Electronic Shorthand could save you hassle, stress, and confusion as you bring your notetaking into the 21st century by making it digital, fast, stress-free, and accurate.

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