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162 kr


av Thomas W. Rowland

This book looks inside the science of serves, nerves and on-court dominance. Thought provoking and original, Tennisology delves into the science, psychology and history of tenni…

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How Much Do You Know About... Padel

av Wanceulen Notebook

Smart Squash

av Austin M. Francis
How Much Do You Know About... Padel
159 kr

WANCEULEN EDITORIAL (WANCEULEN NOTEBOOK) How much do you know about ......? Instructions: - Each page includes a Worksheet, with enough space forwrite information. - Read the qu…

Smart Squash
165 kr

After more than one hundred years of playing squash with a hard ball, Americans switched, almost overnight, to using a soft ball. In order to aid this transition, Austin M. Fran…

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