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Eat What You Grow

Eat What You Grow

av Alys Fowler

Imagine a garden that is as beautiful as it is productive, that gives you fresh, wholesome, chemical-free food with flavours that go way beyond anything the shops can offer. In …

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook

av Elizabeth Millard

The Little Book of Herb Tips

av William Fortt
Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook

Named one of the Best Gardening Books of 2014 by the Chicago Tribune, Indoor Kitchen Gardening is about creating a sense of play and nourishment. It takes just a few dollars and…

The Little Book of Herb Tips

Herbs are one of the wonders of the garden and kitchen. This little book will be an inspiration for keen gardeners and cooks: learn how to grow your own parsley, mint or bay; wh…

  1. Eat What You Grow av Alys Fowler
  2. A Woman's Garden av Tanya Anderson
  3. Back to Eden Gardening av Bo Tucker
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  5. Growing Marijuana av Luke Norris
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  9. Herbarium av Caz Hildebrand
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