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The Medieval Longsword

av Neil Grant

Winchester Lever-Action Rifles

av Martin Pegler
The Medieval Longsword

The formidable European longsword - featuring a double-edged straight blade in excess of 40in, and capable of being used with one or both hands - remains one of the most impress…

Winchester Lever-Action Rifles

Winchester lever-action repeating rifles are an integral part of the folklore of the American West. Introduced after the American Civil War, the first Winchester, the M1866, wou…

The Gladius The Armies of Crecy and Poitiers The Crossbow British Campaign Medals, 1914-2005
The Gladius av M.C. BishopThe Armies of Crecy and Poitiers av Christopher RotheroThe Crossbow av Mike LoadesBritish Campaign Medals, 1914-2005 av Peter Duckers

Burnside Breechloading Carbines and Rifles: A Collectors Guide to The Firearms and Cartridges Invented by The Famous Civil War General, Ambrose E. Bur Ballistic Knives Arms and Armor - Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art Wearing Propaganda
Burnside Breechloading Carbines and Rif... av Edward HullBallistic Knives av Wolfgang Peter-MichelArms and Armor - Highlights from the Ph... av Dirk H. BreidingWearing Propaganda av Jacqueline Atkins