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Data-Driven Science and Engineering

av Steven L. Brunton

The Nature of Computation

av Cristopher Moore
Data-Driven Science and Engineering

Data-driven discovery is revolutionizing the modeling, prediction, and control of complex systems. This textbook brings together machine learning, engineering mathematics, and m…

The Nature of Computation

Computational complexity is one of the most beautiful fields of modern mathematics, and it is increasingly relevant to other sciences ranging from physics to biology. But this b…

Numerical Recipes 3rd Edition Discrete Mathematics The Mathematics of Signal Processing Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments
Numerical Recipes 3rd Edition av William H. PressDiscrete Mathematics av Norman L. BiggsThe Mathematics of Signal Processing av Steven B. DamelinTrustworthy Online Controlled Experimen... av Ron Kohavi

Basic Proof Theory Competitive Programming in Python Practical MATLAB Bandit Algorithms
Basic Proof Theory av A. S. TroelstraCompetitive Programming in Python av Christoph DurrPractical MATLAB av Irfan TurkBandit Algorithms av Tor Lattimore