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JavaScript - The Definitive Guide

av David Flanagan

GitHub For Dummies

av Sarah Guthals
JavaScript - The Definitive Guide

JavaScript is the programming language of the web and is used by more software developers today than any other programming language. For nearly 25 years this best seller has bee…

GitHub For Dummies

Code collaboratively with GitHubOnce you've learned the basics of coding the next step is to start sharing your expertise, learning from other coding pros, or working as a colla…

Designing Interfaces JavaScript Everywhere Eloquent Javascript, 3rd Edition Web Application Security
Designing Interfaces av Jenifer TidwellJavaScript Everywhere av Adam D. ScottEloquent Javascript, 3rd Edition av Marijn HaverbekeWeb Application Security av Andrew Hoffman

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Exam Ref 3-Pack Programming PHP Learning GraphQL Designing Distributed Systems
MCSA Windows Server 2016 Exam Ref 3-Pack av Craig ZackerProgramming PHP av Kevin TatroeLearning GraphQL av Eve PorcelloDesigning Distributed Systems av Brendan Burns
  1. 1
  2. Eloquent Javascript, 3rd Edition av Marijn Haverbeke
  3. Designing Interfaces av Jenifer Tidwell
  4. Micro Frontends in Action av Michael Geers
  5. Sinatra: Up and Running av Alan Harris
  6. Django 3 By Example av Antonio Mele
  7. The Design of Web APIs av Arnaud Lauret
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. Learning Java av Marc Loy