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Agile programming

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SAFe 5.0 Distilled; Achieving Business Agility with the Sca…

av Richard Knaster

Agile Estimating and Planning

av Mike Cohn
SAFe 5.0 Distilled; Achieving Business Agility with the Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe (R) 5.0: The World's Leading Framework for Business Agility "Those who master large-scale software delivery will define the economic landscape of the twenty-first century. …

Agile Estimating and Planning

Praise for Agile Estimating and Planning "Traditional, deterministic approaches to planning and estimating simply don't cut it on the slippery slopes of today's dynamic, change-…

SAFe 4.5 Reference Guide SAFe 4.5 Distilled Agile Systems Engineering Software Craftsman, The
SAFe 4.5 Reference Guide av Dean LeffingwellSAFe 4.5 Distilled av Richard KnasterAgile Systems Engineering av Bruce Powel DouglassSoftware Craftsman, The av Sandro Mancuso

Succeeding with Agile Disciplined Agile Delivery Learning Agile Specification by Example
Succeeding with Agile av Mike CohnDisciplined Agile Delivery av Scott AmblerLearning Agile av Andrew StellmanSpecification by Example av Gojko Adzic
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  3. SAFe 4.5 Reference Guide av Dean Leffingwell
  4. Zombie Scrum Survival Guide av Christiaan Verwijs
  5. SAFe 4.5 Distilled av Richard Knaster
  6. Software Craftsman, The av Sandro Mancuso
  7. Learning Agile av Andrew Stellman
  8. Succeeding with Agile av Mike Cohn
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  10. Specification by Example av Gojko Adzic