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Functional Interfaces in Java

av Ralph Lecessi

C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

av Radek Vystave l
Functional Interfaces in Java

Reduce development time by organizing your programs as chains of functional interfaces and see that the advantages of using functional interfaces include the flexibility and pow…

C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

Get started using the C# programming language. Based on the author's 15 years of experience teaching beginners, the book provides you with a step-by-step introduction to the pri…

Essential TypeScript Linkers and Loaders Beginning C++17 Practical Rust Projects
Essential TypeScript av Adam FreemanLinkers and Loaders av John LevineBeginning C++17 av Ivor HortonPractical Rust Projects av Shing Lyu

Beginning C for Arduino, Second Edition Building Web Applications with .NET Core 2.1 and JavaScript Joel on Software Python Unit Test Automation
Beginning C for Arduino, Second Edition av Jack J. PurdumBuilding Web Applications with .NET Cor... av Philip JapikseJoel on Software av Avram Joel SpolskyPython Unit Test Automation av Ashwin Pajankar
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  3. Modern C av Jens Gustedt
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  5. Essential TypeScript av Adam Freeman
  6. Joel on Software av Avram Joel Spolsky
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