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Python Programming: The Crash Course for Absolute Beginners…

av Mike Cowley

Clean C++20

av Stephan Roth
Python Programming: The Crash Course for Absolute Beginners - Master the Art of Python Coding for Machine Learning, Data Science & Artific

Clean C++20

Write maintainable, extensible, and durable software with modern C++. This book, updated for the recently released C++20 standard, is a must for every developer, software archit…

Java for Absolute Beginners Clean C++ Pro TypeScript Complete Guide to Test Automation
Java for Absolute Beginners av Iuliana CosminaClean C++ av Stephan RothPro TypeScript av Steve FentonComplete Guide to Test Automation av Arnon Axelrod

Practical TLA+ Building Embedded Systems C++20 Quick Syntax Reference Expert F# 4.0
Practical TLA+ av Hillel WayneBuilding Embedded Systems av Changyi GuC++20 Quick Syntax Reference av Mikael OlssonExpert F# 4.0 av Don Syme