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Principles of Glacier Mechanics

av Roger LeB. Hooke

Handbook of Advanced Radioactive Waste Conditioning Technol…

Principles of Glacier Mechanics

The third edition of this successful textbook will supply advanced undergraduate and graduate students with the tools they need to understand modern glaciological research. Prac…

Handbook of Advanced Radioactive Waste Conditioning Technologies

Radioactive wastes are generated from a wide range of sources, including the power industry, and medical and scientific research institutions, presenting a range of challenges i…

Introduction to Environmental Analysis Oceans: A Very Short Introduction Ocean Recovery The Generation of Power
Introduction to Environmental Analysis av Roger N. ReeveOceans: A Very Short Introduction av Dorrik StowOcean Recovery av Ray HilbornThe Generation of Power av Anne D. Rassweiler

Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero Waste Approaches The Meaning of Water Tides: A Very Short Introduction Roms vatten
Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero... The Meaning of Water av Veronica StrangTides: A Very Short Introduction av David George BowersRoms vatten av Maud Webster