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Fridays of Rage

av Sam Cherribi

Sound Synthesis and Sampling

av Martin Russ
Fridays of Rage

Fridays of Rage reveals Al Jazeera's surprising rise to that most respected of all Western media positions: the watchdog of democracy. Al Jazeera served as the nursery for the A…

Sound Synthesis and Sampling

Sound Synthesis and Sampling' provides a comprehensive introduction to the underlying principles and practical techniques applied to both commercial and research sound synthesiz…

The H.264 Advanced Video Compression Standard The MPEG Handbook How Video Works Timecode A User's Guide
The H.264 Advanced Video Compression St... av Iain E. RichardsonThe MPEG Handbook av John WatkinsonHow Video Works av Diana WeynandTimecode A User's Guide av J. Ratcliff

Pokemon 2020 Wall Calendar Digital Video Camerawork The Art of Digital Video Netflix Nations
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