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Modern Measurements

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

av Ghasem Najafpour
Modern Measurements
1.680 kr

This book is a collection of chapters linked together by a logical framework aimed at exploring the modern role of the measurement science in both the technically most advanced …

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
2.004 kr

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, 2nd Edition, outlines the principles of biochemical processes and explains their use in the manufacturing of every day products. The a…

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From Genes to Genomes
512 kr
Plant Pathogen Resistance Biotechnology
2.403 kr
Analysis of Genes and Genomes
751 kr
982 kr
From Genes to Genomes av Jeremy W. DalePlant Pathogen Resistance Biotechnology Analysis of Genes and Genomes av Richard J. ReeceProteins av Gary Walsh
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Risk Management Applications in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
1.464 kr
Bioprocess Engineering
1.283 kr
The Proactionary Imperative
636 kr
Hendee's Physics of Medical Imaging
2.054 kr
Risk Management Applications in Pharmac... Bioprocess Engineering av Michael L. ShulerThe Proactionary Imperative av Steve FullerHendee's Physics of Medical Imaging av Ehsan Samei
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